VStroker Review: The Best Interactive Fleshlight Adapter?

Do you already have a preferred Fleshlight sleeve yet desire it had more bang for your buck?

While Fleshlight makes terrific¬∂ masturbators, it is tough to picture that you’re having fun with anything aside from a fake vagina.

Of course, you can try to watch video clips to pretend, but it is way too much job to aim to stay up to date with the speed of the stars.

The good news is, Fleshlight has considered this problem and also came up with a solution. With the Fleshlight VStroker, you could experience the closest thing to sex with your favorite adult movie stars!

“But how?” you might be asking yourself.

Well, the Fleshlight VStroker deals with both Mac and Windows as long as your computer system has Adobe AIR (much like Flash). You set up the software program, download suitable videos of your choice, and enjoy!

Have you ever before been balls deep right into a porno just to be left thinking of just how much better it would be in fact to take part in the scene?

Having an fantastic phony vagina on your penis is a good idea, however, did you know that it can actually get much better?

Simply when you thought that wasn’t even possible, the makers of the groundbreaking Fleshlight brand present the VStroker.

These guys have been humping away to enhance your masturbation experience.

By adding the VStroker to your routine, you can take rubbing it to an entirely new level. Is this as fantastic as everyone is stating it is? In this VStroker review, we will uncover the fact for ourselves.


What Is the V Stroker?

This Fleshlight adaptor is an unbelievably advanced piece of innovation that you screw on to the end of (virtually) any type of Fleshlight you have.

The item on the end of your Fleshlight is paired with your computer system thanks to a USB dongle and sends your activity to your PC or Mac.

This gadget is intended to make masturbating to porn more interactive, and it does an outstanding work if you ask me.

The on-screen actions show your motions as well as produce a one-of-a-kind experience that differs from your masturbatory habits. You can use it for self-pleasure, endurance training, or as a fun game.

The tool tracks the speed and the movement of your strokes, and after a couple of moments of utilizing it, it will understand your style much better than you do!

This tracking attribute aids with producing a customized experience when you use the compatible videos. After experiencing the VStroker, you will never make use of a simple Fleshlight with regular adult content once more.

Although the VStroker provides quite a high sexual stimulation, it is still a relatively simple to use gadget.

Made to make self-pleasure a lot more interactive, the VStroker is a must-have accessory for men that intend to step their hand game up.

We tried this Virtual System for ourselves and were instantly hooked. What this adapter could do came as a complete shock to us, so we needed to offer you the goods so you might experience it on your own.

This Virtual Stroker System is specially made for those that are tired or sick of counting solely on their imagination to come.

As the name suggests, it is made to assist you to get more pleasure from your hand-operated stroke, by incorporating digital reality.

The V in VStroker stands for “Virtual” and is, in fact, the component of the tool which makes it so extraordinary.

The tool allows men to have a hands-on virtual masturbation experience with some of their favorite adult movie stars.

vstroker interactive

Fleshlight VStroker Features

For the VStroker, the Fleshlight brand partnered with several of the hottest pornography celebrities in the industry to create a selection of interactive videos.

These videos are shot in POV (point of view of the man) and also offer you the choice to choose the setting of your picked porn star.

The porn star then moves and groans in reaction to how you stroke with the VStroker.

An additional function of the Fleshlight VStroker is the capacity to play endurance training video games. These video games are a bit like Guitar Hero, but only for adults!

You download these video games the same ways you would for the videos and also follow the on-screen directions.

No matter the media, you have to keep your stroke within the heaven section of the meter in the top portion of the screen.

If you cannot maintain or fire your load before you are expected to, the star will certainly kick you out, upset that you did not please her as much as she desired.

If you can stay on par with the video clip and make it throughout the game, you are rewarded with an interactive cum scene.

What is included in the box?

It is very little in the package, you get:

  • The VStroker Cap: You attach this on almost any Fleshlight.
  • A USB Dongle: This has a Bluetooth receptor in it that transmits information to your computer.
  • A set of AAA batteries: Yes, the VStroker is powered by triple A batteries.
  • A user manual: Use this to assist you to get linked and begin with the VStroker.
  • A mini-CD for Windows setup: The mini-CD is for Windows just and mounting the necessary software on your Windows PC.

While these things are not in the package, you also obtain a seven-day free membership to the VStroker website and also four full-length interactive video clips.

fleshlight vstroker

How to use the Fleshlight VStroker?

When you get your VStroker, installing Adobe AIR (if you do not currently have it), is the very first thing you have to do.

After, or while the program is downloading and installing, replace the cap of your Fleshlight with the VStroker.

Next off, you are must put the USB dongle into a USB port and pair the Fleshlight with it. They are paired when they both have the light on.

When you have all the hardware established and paired, you are going to search the video clips on the membership website or the free four videos included with your purchase.

You will download it once you select out one you like. The download consists of an application that permits you to connect as well as browse with the video.

Choose the star and the position. The rate on-screen and also the sounds the starlet makes relies on how swiftly or gradually you stroke with the VStroker enhanced Fleshlight. You can also adjust if necessary the sensitivity of the activity detector.

The mini-CD included in the box permits you to register for StrokerSex.com and also earn tokens for “interactive shows” with cam ladies!

By the way, since Fleshlight partnered with the best pornography stars in the field to create the video clips, you could match your preferred Fleshlight with her corresponding video clip.

virtual sex vstroker

What Makes the VStroker Amazing?

The VStroker is made to be utilized combined with your favorite Fleshlight masturbator. It is an attachable/detachable device that adds an enormous fun to your party without screwing up your rhythm.

The VStroker can be used with many versions, although for Fleshlight Flight (due to its size) you will undoubtedly have to get an extra plastic adapter.

We prefer to use the Fleshlight Girls ones with this digital sex system. After all, you genuinely have the opportunity to have fun with them, so enjoy!

We all understand it may never actually take place in real life, which makes the use of VStroker probably the closest we will certainly ever get.

Actually, we really felt like we were having sex with them despite the technology.

Simply put, the web content is a collection of interactive videos of your favorite love bunnies taking the D in numerous locations where you manage the session. (Unless you let the bunnies train you to raise your stamina).

While using this Fleshlight + VStroker combination, you are promptly integrated right into the scene in the POV set.

Simply put, this essential self-pleasure add-on permits you to become the star of your personal porno one-night stand.

As it stands right now, the VStroker has one of the most sophisticated virtual sex content on earth. It enables customers to take direct control of the action on the screen, from foreplay to climax.

How the VStroker Works

When using the VS addon combined with your Fleshlight, you are bound to have a remarkable experience.

Of all, this combo really checks your stroke rate. After numerous penetrations, the device starts to understand your sex style far better than you do.

Each thrust is wirelessly transferred over to your Mac or PC. On the other hand, you are drawn right into the feeling of personally f*cking pornstars that absolutely understand ways to value an excellent pounding.

Do her slowly, and she will certainly groan with delight. Speed things up a little bit, and she will begin to howl with enjoyment. You control everything, and she takes what you offer.

We particularly liked the fact that the content was so reactive. That, combined with the authentic-feeling vagina mold accessories, is what really made us take off.

vstroker xbiz

Pros and Cons of the VStroker

As with anything on the contemporary market, there usually is room for enhancements in one area or another.

If you assume concerning it, this is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, this is what offers consumers something to expect– new and also enhanced designs of the gadgets they currently enjoy.

Just like the VS and Fleshlight combo, the pros vastly surpass the cons. Let’s take a look at a few of them now:


  • The V-Stroker gadget is relatively cost effective in regards to advanced digital sex systems
  • The VStroker is suitable with full-size Fleshlight masturbators
  • As I pointed out above, with the purchase you get four full-length interactive video clips to keep as well as a free seven-day membership to the participant’s area of the VStroker website
  • I have not stated this yet, but the within of the VStroker cap has an internal compartment. This additional compartment indicates that while making use of the plaything, you do not have to fret about any fluids entering into the battery compartment.
  • The VStroker is entirely wireless. This is fantastic if you intend to play the material on your suitable TV and also stroke it to a larger display.
  • The downloadable material has lots of hotties, from widely known porn stars to up-and-coming amateurs who are giving all of it they got.
  • Used frequently with the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit as well as special training content it can make you into a beast.

Cons of the VStroker

  • Some of the Fleshlight designs are not compatible with the Virtual Stroker
  • Certain computer programs are needed to run the VStroker + Fleshlight combination appropriately and enjoy it to its complete capacity
  • No VR content yet
  • The content might lack variety depending on your preferences
  • The VStroker utilizes 2 AAA batteries
  • The membership for the internet site is $30 a month which is a bit high if you do not make use of the VStroker that much

v stroker

VStroker review: My Verdict

The VStroker has lots of possible uses, including regular self-pleasure, stamina training, as well as fun video games.

The way you use it is entirely up to you. I like the fact that it learns your masturbatory habits and preferences and develops a distinctive experience unique to you. Making each video clip you see a tailored experience.

If you are just looking for a way to double the pleasure gained from your Fleshlight collection, the VStroker is an excellent choice!

While connectivity could be an inconvenience for some, the interactivity you get with this gadget is unlike anything you have ever before experienced.

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