Trinity Vibes Penis Head Bullet Teaser Review: Is it Worth it?

The Trinity Vibes Penis Head Bullet Teaser Multi-Speed Vibrator is currently in the top 10 list for best-selling sex toys on Amazon, so there’s definitely some buzz about this “penis vibrator”.

What it is is essentially a sleeve for two vibrating bullets that you stick on the head of your dick and then sit back while it gets you off hands-free.

And honestly, who doesn’t want to give their forearm a break every now and then? With dirt-cheap pricing and a promise like that, I had to get this thing on me and see for myself.

First Impressions

There’s no getting around the fact that this is a cheap toy.

The packaging is a generic plastic clamshell. Neither the remote nor the bullets look to be waterproof in the slightest, so you’d better make sure not to spill on them. This is a toy that knows what it is and doesn’t try to pretend.

But just because something’s cheap doesn’t mean it won’t get the job done, otherwise we wouldn’t have Walmart! I think its top-selling status on Amazon has a lot to say for it in that respect.

The controller is okay. It has a spinning control that allows you to dial the vibrations up and down, with the wheel protruding on both sides of the control so you can adjust using two fingers or one.

The wheel takes a more effort to turn then I would like, so you will definitely be using two fingers to adjust this thing rather than effortless one-fingered scrolling.

The wire: At a bit below three feet long, you have plenty of room for maneuvering and a low chance of yanking on the wire by accident.

Sound level: This toy does not get many points for discretion, as once it gets buzzing it can be a bit on the loud side.

How It Worked

Now, for the real question: Did it make me cum? Yes, yes it did.

As per another reviewer’s recommendation, I put a few drops of lube in the sleeve, and once inserted the sleeve essentially suctioned itself to the top of my penis. It felt weird putting it on, but as soon as I turned it the vibrating started driving my dick crazy!

The box shows it with one bullet on each side of the penis head, but I would also highly recommend swiveling it so one bullet is above your frenulum and one is above the back of your dick head to really ratchet up the sensation.

This thing only covers the top two inches of your shaft, but since that’s where most of the nerve endings are that’s all you really need to make it over the finish line.

Even better, you do not need to be erect to put the sleeve on. You can put it on your flaccid dick and turn it on, and before you know it the vibrations will have you hard as a rock!

You can take your time scrolling through the settings or just jam it on high and hold on for the ride. The first time I used this thing I finished in about two minutes and the orgasm was INTENSE.

Cleanup: Easy. The sleeve catches your cum like a condom, so once you’re finished you can just slip it off and wash it (but remember to remove the bullets first!).

Couples Play?

This toy has the potential to vibrate her just like it vibrates you. You can try having your girlfriend/wife/hookup straddle you or sit in your lap as you both enjoy the vibrations.

It can make for good foreplay while getting you rock hard and ready for the next step.


For less than $20, I’d say you’re definitely getting your money’s worth here.

While cheap, this thing can get you off explosively and has the potential to be used for fun with a partner. I’ve had mine for about a month now and I’ve definitely been getting great mileage out of it.

Some reviewers on Amazon have reported the sleeve wearing out and tearing over time, but I have not experienced that problem.

And to quote another reviewer “There’s not much more to say than if this wears out, I’ll immediately order another!! You’ll be surprised at how well this works.”