Tenga Flip Zero Review: The Best Masturbator on the Market?

Without a doubt, the highlight of Tenga Flip Zero is its unusual openable structure and its texture.

You must never have experienced a better vacuum effect than this. The new Tenga Flip zero EV series has marvelous electronic vibrations.

Its various thriving combinations of different intensities make it very stimulating and pleasurable.

Not to forget Tenga makes it possible to make it as tight from inside as you want. You should have that option. Not everyone is the same size and it’s best to adjust the product according to your needs.

That is something unique about the toy for sure.


The best feature of Tenga Flip zero is its details. You can open it up and actually see the texture from the inside which is in a way satisfying.

Of course, it also has all sorts of vibration speeds and intensities that you can choose but compared to similar toys, it lets you make it as tight from inside as you would prefer.

You can guess that a lot of time was spent on designing the product so efficiently. Also, it is light in weight as compared to other similar sex toys which increases the pleasure to double.

Nothing hangs or weighs you down, and you can position it the way you want.

According to a few users they love how the toy has a good grip on the head of the penis.

The stimulation of the pressure and that tight grasp enable you to climax beautifully. The machine is at its best. It certainly lets you experience the best kinds of orgasms.

And yes, all the users always seemed to mention that they love how it is hygienic and so easy to clean, especially the men who hate cleaning and managing their stuff.

Also, it is effortless to lube the Tenga flip zero up.

It stays as good as new definitely for a longer time. As you can easily open it and reassemble it, nothing gets settled inside and thus you are free from any kind of infections.

You must take good care of your private parts and you surely do not want to rush to the doctor for something as stupid and embarrassing as getting an infection because of using an unclean sex toy. Imagine the horror.

Why the Tenga Flip Zero is better than a Fleshlight

Personally, I feel it takes too much work to keep a sex toy clean and hygienic. Using a Fleshlight was no doubt fun but at some point, you lose interest gradually because of spending too much time cleaning it.

It might not be super easy to clean Tenga Flip Zero, but it is definitely better than cleaning other male toys.

So I guess we can say that the best part about Tenga Flip Zero is that it is straightforward to use and even simpler to clean and therefore completely hygienic.

Unlike the other sex toys, you can open it up entirely from the inside and clean it quickly with a few strokes.

For others, however, you can never seem to get at the bottom, and therefore you are always sort of worried about hygiene. You indeed can be worry-free in this case.

A lot of factors have been considered while building Tenga Flip Zero. It is produced from the perspective of a user which is what we appreciate.

User experience is what is most important. So, kudos to Tenga Flip zero and 10/10 for focusing on customer experience.

flip zero

How does it work?

The process is really simple. To sum it up I would say all you have to do is put it in. You will feel the warmth and feel the ridged texture.

Do not forget to lubricate the inside for uninterrupted and pain-free experience. I feel lubricating the toy is easy and efficient.

You can disassemble it, put lube evenly everywhere and you don’t miss any spot. It is all even and wet and gives you a satisfactory experience.

Now since there are so many electronic vibration intensity options, you have the power to control your device. You might want to go from low to high intensities for a better climax.

Gradually increase the speed, just like in real sex does the trick for you.

As a man, you must be masturbating several times a week. If you are tired and looking for a fresh and different sex toy to do the job for you, it doesn’t get better than this.

Tenga flip zero is the new hit due to its unique design and technical specifications. You are offered so much in a single sex toy.

Its ability to create that orgasmic most pleasurable vacuum is marvelous.

That is what sets it aside from all the other sex toys. If you like it rough, if you like the texture and you like the ridges – this is what should be your next buy.

It is definitely for the men who like it intense during sex and can handle a good head. You are guaranteed to have the best orgasm ever and trust me you are in for a surprise.

The makers surely have put in a lot of effort to do something different and as close as masturbation gets to actual sex.

The line is thin, very thin. You will not want to let go of it. It will become your favorite way of relaxing or spending the weekend, just by yourself.

The continuously moving and vibrating multi ridges surface will blow your mind. Your boner will literally be tickled till you can’t bear it anymore because things are too sensitive.

Well, that is what we are looking for, something that really gets it going for you.

tenga flip zero

Pros and Cons

The most significant advantage of the product will have to be its design, undoubtedly.

It’s improved and new vibrating stimulations and technique and also the hygiene factor. It might not be super easy to clean but it definitely saves you from embarrassing runs to the doctor.

As compared to other toys it still is quite easy to use and maintain. You can adjust the tightness of the toy which is a great plus point.

Although the product does not have many negative points, it is up to the preference of the people that what they like.

For instance, I would not recommend this product to people who do not like it rough and are not too fond of textures.

Also, people who only like plastic exteriors and interiors should not go for it.

tenga zero


For those of you who are looking for a unique and fresh buy, Tenga Flip Zero is the best option. It offers so many features at a really great price.

It is available almost everywhere online. Most people who have bought this toy love it and never want to let go of it.

Again mentioning the fact that the product is 10/10 regarding hygiene and design speaks in its favor. It is the latest technology sex toy so if you are planning to buy one go for something that is new and has excellent customer reviews.

Tenga Flip Zero does meet customer expectations and does not disappoint anyone that has bought it. It leaves all the men out there happy.

What better way to sit and relax at home, with no dry spell!

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