Tantus Vibrating C-Ring Review: Should You Buy It?

My first thought when looking at the Tantus Vibrating C-Ring was “okay, my dick isn’t that big”.

With a 2” diameter the C-Ring is, in fact, an all-your-junk kind of c-ring. So it was a new area, and I read the instructions, which said: “put it on whilst flaccid”.

To be honest, my dick doesn’t stay soft very long if I start messing with it so it became a new challenge to put the darn thing on fully erect.

Slightly bigger than your average bear

In fact, pretty much every time bar one I’ve put the C-Ring on fully aroused, and it’s a simple matter of gently coaxing the balls through the hoop. Heh.

Anyway, flaccid or hard, the C-Ring goes on, it’s just a lot harder to get on in go-mode.

Once the C-Ring encapsulated my C+B, it was a question of where to position.

The ring moves easily (mainly due to the material) and so I decided to try using it with the bullet above my shaft and the bullet near my perineum on separate occasions (for science!).

If you break it down to a clock face (or cock face), when the bullet was at 12 o’clock I found I felt stronger vibrations up my shaft.

I know that the 12 o’clock position is also great for clitoral stimulation and seems shaped with that in mind. At 6 o’clock I found the vibrations were deeper but no less intense, but both led to a satisfying climax.

When I slipped the ring on it felt like my balls were being cupped, in a very arousing way, and I found myself getting harder as a result.

I’ve had my balls tied before and it’s a similar feeling, difficult to put into words but very satisfying.

I first tried the C-Ring with nothing but hand and lube. I turned the bullet on and noticed I was breathing quite fast before I even touched myself. The all-round vibration felt amazing and it only got better when I started stroking.

As a result, I think I climaxed quite hard, and the difference in my orgasm was noticeable, I felt great.

Next, I thought I’d try it with a Fleshlight, and again it was great. I was worried the ring would get in the way, it diminished my insertable length by a little but it felt great because the C-Ring lifted my balls up as well, meaning the Fleshlight had a base to contact as I stroked.

Finally, I tried the Tantus C-Ring with Electrastim, and I think I attained a higher level of thinking.

The goddamn colors were brighter in the world. The combination of electric stimulation and intense vibrations left me lying there in a stupor wondering why I should ever leave my bed.

Minimal packaging, easy open!

The material is high quality silicone, it’s silky smooth to the touch, and looks great.

I have the Tantus C-Ring in black, and it looks very minimal yet stylish. The bullet pouch has nubs for partner pleasure and overall I can’t find a fault with the material.

Whenever I used it I was using water-based lubricant and would recommend doing the same.

As far as I’m aware it’s waterproof, though I haven’t had chance to do any deep sea diving with it on yet. I will update if it is not seaworthy.

The one area which I would improve about the Tantus C-Ring is the bullet. Whilst the vibrations are great, they could be stronger and there are stronger bullets out there.

The bullet is fairly easy to remove, it just requires a reasonable amount of pressure to ease out.

The cap screws off and the bullet takes 3 LR144 batteries which you can find for reasonably cheap on Amazon and other places.

The battery life wasn’t fantastic, I think mine died relatively quickly which was a bit disappointing but it’s a minor flaw on an otherwise great product.

Finally cleaning: it’s easy. Just wipe it with toy/baby wipes after use. As long as you keep it clean the material stays fresh and it really is as easy as that. There aren’t many recesses so it’s incredibly easy to wipe over and put away.


Overall I guess you can tell I liked the C-Ring.

It’s great, had I not murdered the batteries I would use it all the time and when my new batteries arrive I will be doing so.