Lovense Hush Review: A Powerful Vibrating Butt Plug?

The Lovense Hush butt plug is among most advanced sex toys we have actually ever seen. This is a MUST have for any man’s collection.

Because they can be an incredibly sexy plaything, we enjoy butt plugs.

And because we can use it for so several enjoyable games, the Lovense Hush is ideal! Here is our Lovense Hush review.


lovense hush

What is the Hush?

Lovense is a very intriguing sex toy company because they focus on “long-distance” sex toys. Their playthings can all be fully controlled through the dedicated Lovense app.

Let’s take a closer look at the Lovense Hush first.

The Hush is a 100% silicone butt plug. It is 100% latex-, rubber-, and phthalates-free if anyone is wondering about allergies.

The silicone behaves as well as the company, however, not too hard. The plug isn’t too hefty, which is nice.

The height of the Hush is 4.76 inches. Regarding the width, the product comes in two different dimensions. The “little” one has a size of 1.5 inches and the “medium” one has a size of 1.75 inches.

We would recommend making use of the smaller-sized 1.5-inch version for novices.

The device is rechargeable via a USB cable. A complete charge could last for 1.5 to 2 hrs of naughty play.

The Hush from Lovense is a smooth, sexy, effective little butt plug made to stimulate all of your rectal pleasure spots.

Nothing surprising, but the primary selling point of this plug compared to others on the market is that the Hush is a remote-controlled toy, operated from your own or your partner’s mobile phone.

The Bluetooth chip inside the toy connects to your phone, and your partner’s phone, so you can control it via Wi-Fi, no matter the distance between you.

hush lovense package

Who Is the Lovense Hush For?

The Hush is made for solo play, very discreet public play, and long distance couples.

It’s a good tool to use during your love-making sessions, for those times when your partner is out of town, as well as when you want a solo treat.

I have really been seeking this sort of plug for a while, assuming that something with a decent-sized head and powerful vibe would please me.

So I was quite excited, to say the least. So how did it really feel? Well, let’s explore that in details.

Excellent Vibrations

The Lovense Hush vibrations are strong and great, however, still rather silent. It really feels like an excellent “pulsating” experience.

For couples that are butt plug newbies, we really suggest obtaining the smaller 1.5-inch size version and make sure to use lots of lube to get it up there.

The device fits snugly and will not fall out easily thanks to its smart spiral on its base.

With a whole lot of other butt plugs, there is a high chance for it to fall when you’re strolling or playing around … and trust us, you don’t want to be out in public when your butt plug drops out!


hush butt plug

How does the Lovense Hush work?

The Lovense Hush is cutting edge because it is just one of a few of sex toys that can be controlled via the Internet!

It can be controlled up close by the phone application (for both iPhone and Android)! Additionally, for long distance couples, it can be controlled from any location in the world as long as you have Wi-fi.

The packaging is lovely, minimalistic, stylish. The entire package includes the butt plug, a USB charging cable, as well as a user guide.

As mentioned before, the Hush works with both Android and iOS devices. In order to pair it, you have to download the Lovense Remote app from the store.

Turn on the toy and check if it’s working by looking at the flashing light. It’s a little hard to see whether it on or not, but it must buzz as soon as it’s set.

Then you follow the guidelines on the app to detect and pair the butt plug. It’s truly straightforward, even if you’re a technophobe.

To connect with your mate, go to the “Long Distance” tab on the application. They will get an e-mail from you with the request and once they have actually accepted they will show up in the “Long Distance” tab.

By the way, there’s a messaging section where you can take to each other when you’re playing, and you can quickly readjust settings for both players to enable auto-play or control.

As soon as you’ve set it up, the next time you want to play alone or together you don’t need to do all that once again as it will automatically connect with your phone when the Hush is turned on.

To be honest, we have searched for a good remote-control plug for quite a long period of time and this is just one of the best so far.

The Lovense Hush is so advanced that it can also be synced to music or be sound activated!

The application to control the Hush is amazing. You could modify the patterns of the vibrations. Give the control to your partner and here or she will make your butt sing!

It’s too sexy to be able to remotely control this tool. There are so many hot ways we can use this excellent toy for, such as:

  • Long distance relationships
  • Solo play
  • Business journeys
  • Preliminaries
  • Naughty public play

With the Lovense Hush, everything is possible! Possibilities are endless.

Pros of the Hush

Exactly how did it feel? I liked it a lot, overall. The Hush is not perfect, nonetheless, but it did give me and my partner numerous hours of sexy fun, messing around.

The smooth, body-safe silicone feels perfect, and the mat rubber coating is modern as well as stylish.

The plug itself is big enough without being huge. It is practically the best size for me, however be cautious and always lube up if you are not used to anal play.

The Hush really looks nice, and I certainly wouldn’t really feel bad offering this to my partner as a present. It looks classy and expensive, basically.

The power on/off switch is on the base of the sex toy and it is not instantly apparent. You need to stifle for a few seconds to turn it on or off, but this is a good idea as it prevents the toy switching itself off when you’re sitting down.

The vibrations are definitely strong enough for me. I started off slowly, just to warm up, and the lower-level vibrations were subtle but still pleasant. But the fastest setting is certainly amazing.

Using the touchpad on the phone is a lot easier and also much more instinctive than needing to adjust levels manually. I absolutely liked this application compared to others in that respect.

You swipe the screen or press it to control the vibrations, moving your finger back and forth, as it is truly responsive!

I discovered it worked best when you record your very own short pattern, and then uses it on instantly. You can create as many patterns as you such as.

Or you could simply choose the straightforward constant vibrations when you’re not feeling imaginative. That’s great when you want it to take over.

Since we’re talking about giving control, the Hush is optimal for long-distance couples. After experimenting on my own, I loved the ability to double the fun with my partner.

So as long as you both have an internet connection, it works, no issue even if you’re on the other side of the globe.

He or she can manage the vibrations on his or her screen, setting up the patterns as well as deciding just how fast, sluggish, or intense he or she wants the butt plug to go.

That brings a lot of mystery and surprise to your sex life.

You can also synch two (ore more) Lovense sex toys together (like the Hush and the Lush or the Edge). However only one person can control both at the same time, so it’s not the most interactive option on the market. Try Nora and Max instead for this.

Whether you want to use it for long-range or close-range control, it appears like the Hush is a superb alternative.

The silicone is also completely waterproof so you could bath with this plug in, or simply leave it in with a lot of lube and do not have to stress regarding its durability.

lovense butt plug

Cons of the Lovense Hush

It is produced for being comfy, and the makers claim you can keep it in for lengthy periods of time. Sit, walk, shop, work …

It is rather silent. However, it’s not totally silent. You could certainly hear it when it’s on the highest setting, and it’s inside you.

It’s really discreet enough to be used in a busy public location. However, I would not want it on when things are silent.

Also, it took a little while to get the hang of the controls so I would certainly experiment a bit before take the dive with a partner or start a solo session.

I really did not much like the music-controlled vibrations but that might be just me. I prefer the music to get me in the mood in a different way. However, the sound-activated vibe was well enjoyable. A little bit too much maybe!

Finally, the makers say that you ought to use water-based lube. Water-based lubricant does not actually work for me, so after a short while, I had to take it out, reapply, and try once again.

Not really optimal. Lovense says that the spirals on the neck of the toy keep the lube inside you, yet I don’t entirely agree with that.

Lovense Hush Review: My Verdict

As a final thought, the Hush is an excellent toy for bringing some major excitement to your anal play, specifically thanks to its long-distance control features and its app.

I’m not new to wearables and teledildonics, and I know that these app-controlled sex toys can be incredible for all couples. This is the future of sex.

Hence, the Hush, as well as other Lovense products (have a look at that Lush and Edge vibrators), are certainly worth trying.

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