LELO Tor 2 Review: Is It The Vibrating Cock Ring You Need?

Couples who have been looking for a perfect vibration ring know how hard and effortful it is to find a ring that has the perfect vibrations and the perfect size.

In fact, a couple has to go through several weird situations and irritating attempts before it is able to find a ring made for them.

Now there are hundred different rings available in the market which claim to be the best, then why Lelo Tor 2? Because it is the best.

Not because it has zero flaws but because it has minimum flaws. So let’s review it.

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What is Lelo Tor 2?

Lelo Tor 2 is a couple ring by Lelo and happens to be a best-seller according to the company. It is a sophisticated yet simple ring that delivers what it promises with minimum hiccups.

It looks rich but at the same time, very practical and highly classic.

The best part of Tor 2 is the fact that it is more than just a pretty face. The experience provided by this little toy is nothing short of amazing.

lelo tor ii

Inside the box of the Tor 2

Lelo Tor 2 is delivered in a discreet packing at your doorstep from where the packing game changes.

Unlike many luxurious brands who use soft plastic covers to pack their products, the inner packaging standard of the Tor 2 is on a whole new level.

It comes in a sturdy box which can be used for long-term storage of the device. But, since the toy itself is delivered in a very silky bag, you would probably want to store something else in the box.

How to use it?

Tor 2 works like any other cock ring but with some twists and turns. The man slides the ring over his dick and makes love to his woman and that is pretty much thin ring is used for.

If you are new to the ring thing and not sure how it helps, you can consider this like a male vibrator that produces amazing sensations in the shaft of the penis.

lelo tor 2

The Material

People who have already used Lelo know and understand the quality of material (silicone) used by the company to manufacture its products.

Tor 2 gets the same treatment from the company and from the very first contact, you will be able to make out why it was a wise decision to buy a Lelo.

We are talking the highest standards of silicone here and the best experience it provides. The material is free from toxics and hence highly favored by the users around the world.

However, removing toxins from the silicon has its own toll on the material and the final product is not as flexible as you want it to be.

This becomes more evident while you are playing and you want the ring to cooperate with your size but it just won’t agree.

The Action

The main attraction of any cock ring or couple ring is its vibration. The intensity and patterns of vibrations are what finally decides the delivery quality.

Tor 2 proves to be excellent in both the fields and this is why users love it.

It has 6 different vibration patterns that produce varying capacities of vibrations. These are easy to control via the buttons on the side of the device.

Lelo did a great job here by limiting the use of technology and focusing on the ease of use.

Many advanced competitors of the Tor use app-based controls or remote based controls which are nothing but a hindrance when you want to increase or decrease intensity in a jiffy.

That being said, the controls for controlling patterns are weird and I personally hate them. Tor 2 has 2 buttons to do everything.

The small presses control vibrations and the long presses control patterns.

So, if you are a fan of patterns, you are going to have a hard time switching between them. Talking about patterns, the patterns are sweet.

They start slowly, build the momentum and then rock and roll. The patterns are fun while you are making love as the vibrations easily travel through the shaft into the pussy and both the people can feel it.

Let’s quickly analyze things that should impact your buying decisions.

tor 2 review


  • Tor 2 fixes itself easily on the shaft ensuring that it does not slip while you are doing the deed. This is a problem with several rings which ruin the experience.
  • It is made from non-porous, latex-friendly and phthalate-free silicon making it highly human skin friendly. Although this toy does not enter the body, it still gets in touch with your privates and stays on the skin for a long time; and hence you want it to be skin friendly.
  • The vibrations are amazing and easy to control. Although the patterns are tricky to switch all the time. Again, if you are not a big fan of patterns, this will not matter to you.


  • This is a premium sex toy and costs a decent amount. Most couples are not ready to put in so much money into a sex toy. If you have some surplus amounts, go for it.
  • For people who love vibration patterns, you might probably want to explore other products before you decide to buy the Tor 2.
  • Yes, it has strong vibrations and feels good on the cock but switching patterns can be a pain in the ass.
  • If you are after a toy that can give the woman a mad orgasm, this is going to let you down. It surely can help the man help the woman to climax but the toy alone is pretty useless when it comes to making women moan with pleasure.


Honestly, it is a hard decision when it comes to buying a Tor 2. It feels good, looks good and vibrates well. It is a premium cock ring and serves the purpose just right.

Everything is in favor of the sex toy but the money it costs is the only thing that forces me to think if I really need this in my life or not.

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