Lelo Billy Review: The Best Luxury Male Massager?

Today, let’s try our luck with the brand-new LELO Billy prostate massager!

Since it has been featured in GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Refinery29, we figured it deserved a closer look.

Women’s Health Magazine called it “the finest thing in hi-tech intimacy,” and as we comprehend it, they do not mess around.

So let’s find out if this is true in this review of the Billy.

What is the LELO Billy?

This hi-tech sex toy is surprisingly neat, even if you’re used to vibrators.

Initially, we believed it appeared like absolutely nothing more than a motorized love-making toy that was made for the ladies.

But upon closer examination, we discovered it had the ability to please guys in a way that toys dedicated to women simply can’t.

The LELO Billy prostate massager, for instance, is developed to move carefully inside the anus, providing a pungent blast of orgasmic bliss straight to the male p-spot.

lelo billy

The Main Features of the Billy

The LELO Billy is expected to be designed perfectly for the male body and ergonomically created to use maximum satisfaction.

We cannot disagree. Its slender, curved body features a flared base for enhanced control, which we believed was extremely convenient in the heat of enthusiasm.

Considering this thing also has 6 distinct pleasure settings that are powered by a fairly long-lasting motor and ran by a completely rechargeable battery, we weren’t amazed to hear so lots of individuals say such great things about it.

The Billy comes in either Deep Blue or Bordeaux Red, in case the color is a crucial element for you.

Specs of the Billy

I consider this a mid-sized gadget:

  • Complete length: 6.9 inches
  • Insertable length: about 3.9 inches
  • Maximum width: about 1.1 inches

The insertable portion is covered with a creamy sensation silicone and has a matte finish.

I actually like this silicone since it’s hypoallergenic and phthalates-free.

What are phthalates? They are some kinda nasty chemicals used in inexpensive plastics to make it more flexible. This toy has none of these.

It’s a stiff toy, so it won’t bend or break, and one can’t truly squeeze it because of the solid core.

All in all, it feels elegant and actually good. This is an excellent texture for anal play.

The handle includes the charging port and control board. This is a hard plastic that’s not implied for insertion. There’s also a flange that separates the 2 areas, as you can see in the pictures.

The primary function of this flange is to offer a safety “stop” so the vibrator won’t enter any further.

This may save you a trip to the hospital at 2 am! They are already too many scary stories of individuals appearing at the emergency room because they lost a toy in their ass. No thanks!

Here’s my impression: the LELO Billy feels AMAZING in the hand. The controls are solid and durable. The rubber plug at the base is a great touch, to keep lube or other liquids out of the charge port.

The attention to detail is extremely good, genuinely befitting of a “high-end” sex toy brand like LELO. From the tip to the base, I feel that the building and construction and develop quality are top notch.

Assuming the rechargeable battery holds up, I’ll be using this for many years to come!

billy lelo

What comes in the package?

Opening the package is by far our preferred part of the sex toy evaluation process.

We understand that judging a book by its cover is not good, but we can’t help being like kids on Christmas day!

The LELO brand name is infamous for hooking it up, and although we didn’t discover any lube or toy cleaner, we did score the following goodies inside the box:

  • The LELO Billy prostate massager (as you can imagine)
  • A portable battery charger that pulsates to suggest the toy is getting power
  • A fancy satin storage pouch
  • The user’s manual
  • A warranty card

Indeed, the LELO Billy prostate massager comes with a warranty. If you or your ass are not entirely satisfied, then you might have a possibility of recovering some of your cash.

How Does It Feel Like?

As a team of sex industry nerds, we appreciated the FDA authorized silicone material that comprised the shaft of the LELO Billy.

This made it really smooth and silky as it glided inside. The size suffices for men who are used to being pounded from the back.

However, we probably wouldn’t recommend this bad boy to newbies.

The LELO Billy is designed to give the most enjoyable sensations possible.

However, that’s only real if you know exactly what to anticipate. Its effective motor and somewhat complex control user interface make this toy mostly ideal for skilled men, or for guys who are looking for some anal adventure.

Simply puts: you’re going to feel full. So use a generous amount of lube, take a deep breath and push it in.

review lelo billy

This vibrating dildo is rather comfortable once it’s in. No drop. No pain. It’s simply there. It’s quite long, so nudging the prostate and finding is a breeze.

I actually like the thin style. I typically don’t like vibrators that are too big. This one is perfect, enabling plenty of wiggle room when probing around.

Once you get your bearings, flip the switch to the ON position and have fun. The vibrations are divine … outstanding, actually.

This has the most patterns of any toy I’ve had the enjoyment of utilizing. Just make sure you get acquainted with the controls BEFORE you stick it in your ass.

Here is what raises this toy to achievement, above all the other prostate toys I’ve utilized: the vibes can be felt THROUGHOUT the abdominal area.

When the intensity is cranked up, they aren’t located at the prostate. They expand out to consist of the rectal wall and beyond. They cover whatever, including the rim of your butt hole. For full coverage of your ass and abdominal area, this toy wins by far.

When my whole midsection is buzzing with euphoria, I love it. It’s the supreme way to unwind after a rough week at the office.

Pros of the Billy

We don’t like anything 100% of the time. Not even ourselves.

With that out of the way, we want to share with you our nit-picked discoveries about the high and mighty, hi-tech LELO Billy prostate massager. We’ll begin with the great stuff:

  • The battery lasts for about 4 hours after simply a single charge, so take your time and slow grind
  • It stays active for approximately 90 days between usages, which makes it easy to be spontaneous in bed
  • No latex or phthalates were used in the making of this product, so if you cannot sleep during the night it’s a sense of something else
  • Charging the toy is very easy
  • It’s a chic piece that’s getting severe acknowledgment if that’s your kind of thing
  • The LELO Billy huge enough and effective sufficient to please any ass
  • The wide variety of settings is a big plus. With five patterns and nine levels of vibration, it’s like having 45 various modes! This will make sure that playtime NEVER gets boring.
  • It’s trendy AND ergonomic, something that plenty of toys don’t have
  • The variety of intensities is great. It can run soft, barely vibrating. Or it can be cranked as much as full-on prostate pounding mayhem! And to be perfectly honest, the most extreme setting is a little excessive for me personally. However, it’s great to know I have the option if I require it.

lelo billy massager

Cons of the Billy

  • Maybe they should have included some toy cleaner?
  • We discovered the hard way that the LELO Billy can’t stand water or excessive wetness on its control interface or charging sockets, so be careful
  • Operating this thing sometimes feels like attempting to figure out rocket science
  • I discovered it hard to get the settings ideal while reaching down between my legs. Of course, it can be set to a favored speed prior to insertion, but I prefer to change things up while it’s in there.
  • Truth is, it works best with a partner. A partner can more quickly operate the controls AND keep it fully planted in your anus. They can ensure the tip of the toy keeps pushing your prostate!

Lelo Billy review: My Verdict

We aren’t going to state and lie that we instantly fell in love with the LELO Billy prostate massager.

While its packaging was rather appealing and the primary elements were all there, its overall efficiency is just pertinent to those who can stand its impressive length and girth.

With that said, we rank it a strong 9 out of 10 and hope that the LELO brand comes out with a smaller, more manageable variation in the future. Who knows?

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