Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Review: The Best Open-Ended Sleeve?

Fleshlight has come up with their latest product, the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage.

They are the leading sex toy manufacturers in the world, and with this product, you’ll know why.

Many of their previous products had the portability problem, especially with the Fleshlight Classic, which had a massive frame.

Products like the Fleshlight Flight, the Sex in a Can, and the Quickshot are supposed to help us solve those problems through a compact size and a more discreet design.

When it comes to Quickshot, there are two choices, the Quickshot Boost, and the Quickshot Vantage.

I decided to try the Quickshot Vantage.

Discreet delivery and unboxing

I ordered it online and was a little worried about their packaging. What if someone sees this getting delivered to me? Will they think I am a pervert?

These thoughts ran through my mind as soon as I ordered. To my absolute surprise, it was neatly packed in a carton, and the name of the product wasn’t labeled anywhere.

When I unboxed it, I immediately started liking the design of the Vantage. It was extraordinarily compact and had a captivating quality.

It comes with a sample pouch of water-based lube to get you started, and a little booklet with instructions for cleaning and maintaining the toy. Read the booklet entirely before using it.

The first thing you notice is the smell. It’s not too much but definitely noticeable. It will go away once you wash it.

The design, however, is a little bit tacky but not too unattractive. It did not bother me much as I was too excited to use it.


One striking quality is the way it feels to touch. It’s very soft and feels delicate which made me want to use it more.

The size might not be enough if you’re super long, but the vantage has a 3.5″ length of insertion, and you’re meant to have the top of your penis poking out.

It feels like human skin for an amazingly life-like experience. It looks sort of like a camera lens or a cup when the caps are on.

When the caps are off, this Fleshlight is entirely open-ended—you can enter either side.

Using the Quickshot is very straightforward and requires no special preparation other than a bit of lube.

It’s worth applying a squirt of lube to the exterior of the orifice, as well as internally, as this will aid in initial insertion.

fleshlight quickshot

How good is it?

The Superskin is a wonderfully soft and stretchy material, and you can feel it expand as you enter the toy, but it still feels pleasantly snug.

The thing that restricts just how much the insert can adjust to accommodate you is the diameter of the elastic band, as this is where the toy feels tightest.

There is one glaring downside though. I have to be honest; it was not what I expected. The noise. Yes, it makes an ugly sound.

The suction effect that makes Fleshlights feel amazing does not mix well with a toy that is not capped on one end.

The sound of the suction as your dick is popping in and out of the exit hole is loud. It’s not too loud as you might be imagining but if you have other people living in your house, you’d have to wait for them to leave to start using it.

Seeing as this toy is supposed to be small and discreet, the fact that it would announce to my housemates that I’m spanking the monkey was a turn-off. I mean, even the noise of itself was a turnoff. Instead of letting me get in the moment I was always worrying about volume controlling my masturbation megaphone.

If you are living alone, it’s not a big deal. But if someone else lives with you, they’ll know that you are up to something.

It’s a shame because, in every other way, it was perfect. I especially liked the way the texture felt on my thing. It was a fantastic feeling.

fleshlight vantage

The Vantage also has a case for grip which can be used to maneuver for extra pleasure. Also, it’s straightforward to clean which I used to find cringe-worthy before.

What I did like about the toy is that when you climax, your second head will probably be sticking out the back end.

Usually when I use Fleshlights, I get super-sensitive and tend to seize up at the moment of truth, and the sensation can sometimes be a little too much.

With the Vantage, I found that when I came I was able to keep stroking the shaft for extra pleasure without hitting the hyper-sensitized head. If you’re on the more sensitive side of the spectrum, this may be a better option for you.

One of the advantages is that the Vantage can be used with a partner as a blowjob or handjob enhancer.

It’s because the top part of the dick is going to be hanging out so you can have fun when you’re fully inserted. Also, the tiny size and original design of the Quickshot makes it about as easy to hide as a rolled up pair of socks.

They dry quickly, unlike most other Fleshlights and sex toys. The internal diameter of the sleeves are a little wider than regular Fleshlights, and the entries aren’t constricted.

Both of these design aspects also improve the flow of water during cleaning and the flow of air during drying.

Faster drying means that you can put it away more quickly after using it, which means it’s more practical to use more often, which also means that you get to feel that nice feeling just about any time you want, not only when you have time to deal with the cleanup.

quickshot vantage


And finally, the verdict. I will rate this 8/10 or maybe a little more than that. It has a good texture inside, it feels soft, and the pleasure is beyond the world.

The only downside is the noise. It’s the one thing that I disliked very much. It brings down the other positive things about the product, at least for me.

I cannot use the product discreetly which is supposed to be an essential requirement for sex toys.

If you’re in a living situation where noise is not an issue, then I can recommend this toy based on how well it worked, but otherwise, I would suggest picking a different type of Fleshlight. Maybe the STU?

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