Fleshlight Launch Review: Read This Before Buying

The Launch is an automatic ‘sex device’ that utilizes your Fleshlights and Fleshjacks, and transforms them right into the ‘ultimate hands-free experience‘.

You just place your preferred sleeve into the Launch then you can either utilize it manually OR you can sync it up via Bluetooth to an array of adult video web content.

At the time of writing, there was little Launch-compatible video web content readily available, but let’s still review it, shall we?

Welcome to our Fleshlight Launch review!

fleshlight launch masturbator

Fleshlight Launch Review: The truth about masturbators for men

If you currently consider self-pleasure as a difficult task, incorporating a football-sized electronic motorized appliance that requires Bluetooth syncing and also charging after two hours of usage is barely going to be your ticket to a life of recreation.

The point of the Launch is actually the opposite– to those who are ready to invest a bit of effort, time, and money, the Launch aims to deliver an extra immersive, extravagant, as well as amazing exclusive party.

A couple of other business, like Kiiroo itself (the Dutch sex technology pioneer as well as teledildonics business that has partnered with Fleshlight to build the Launch), or the Autoblow have actually taken a stab at high-end enjoyment automation as well as interactivity for men, but the Fleshlight Launch is a much interesting solution for 3 reasons.

  1. It works with a large range of standard-size Fleshlight brand products that countless guys currently own and love
  2. It shows up just when VR is beginning to become inexpensive and also widely offered
  3. It’s fairly silent and fine-tuned for an electronic device that needs to sensually move a 1.6-pound item vertically to produce rubbing

Women have been taking pleasure with app-controlled sex toys from manufacturers such as We-Vibe as well as OhMiBod for numerous years, yet will men line up to get the Fleshlight Launch similarly to the ladies who have embraced their high-tech toys?

Generally, we (men) appear to be relatively and also paradoxically quiet about sex toys, so I would not expect word of mouth to specifically spread out like wildfire. However, the fact is that countless males have already quietly accepted static row-your-own Fleshlights– at least 8 million sold since the last time the firm released numbers, so a warm market already exists.

But there’s, in fact, something a bit a lot more interesting going on here compared to basic sex toys.

With Bluetooth control comes the ability to pair the device with a variety of interactive experiences, including VR-based adult material.

Yet should you be a early adopter? An example of the future of sex is awesome, but for this price, it should offer you with some present-tense delights. Below’s my review of what it has been like so far:

Unboxing the Fleshlight Launch

Inside you’ll find the Launch as well as a tiny package including a charger and a couple of papers.

The Fleshlight Launch box and also the packaging itself are perfectly high-end, modern, and manly looking.

Inside you’ll discover the Fleshlight Launch covered in slim plastic as well as braced by a pair of logo-emblazoned styrofoam assistance panels.

With the Launch without its box and short-lived dirt cover, you’ll locate an additional small sealed plastic bundle snuggled inside its cavity including the only accessory the Launch ships with, which is a USB charging cord, as well as a few papers consisting of a quickstart overview, the full multilingual manual, and a certification of authenticity.

The certification of authenticity surprised me initially. However you’ll utilize it to register the item as well as activate the 1-year service warranty.

About the design and materials of the Fleshlight Launch

With its mix of textured mat as well as shiny black plastic, silver highlights, and also minimalist button plan, the Fleshlight Launch kinda looks like a fancy coffee machine.

It quickly comes to be obvious that the Fleshlight Launch was not designed to sit upright supported by its very own weight on a solid surface area.

Try to set it up as shown outside of the package and it instantly begins to topple due to the bottom base being made of a flexible and supported rubber material that appears created to contour conveniently when pressed against your body.

The base of the Launch is soft so that it will certainly fit the shapes of your body (yet it won’t stand up on its very own).

The Launch appears fairly robust, however, it’s still a customer electronic devices gadget that faces the very same threats of damages as any other consumer-grade plastic box full of computer system chips, circuit boards, and also small electric motors.

Its building and construction really feels strong enough to survive the occasional slow roll onto a carpet flooring, Though, take care around tiles and also timber floors, particularly if you’ve let your lube obtain out of control.

I would expect some cracks or breaks if dropped on a hard surface.


About the dimensions, weight and storage of the Launch

This point is important. Make no mistake. The box that it got here in was rather cumbersome, as well as I was begun to feel a little apprehensive.

As product packaging goes, the Launch is packaged tastefully. No naked ladies smudged around the sides to me, the Launch looks a bit like a piece of robotic armor.

Like, I might slip my forearm via, as well as it seemed like I was transformed into Iron Man.

Visually, it’s quite enforcing and also a little intimidating.

If you already own a normal full-size Fleshlight, you understand that they are simply a bit large.

I was in fact much more surprised by exactly how small the Launch is considered that it has to fit the currently cumbersome Fleshlight and then effortlessly move its nearly 2 pounds of product up and down against resistance.

However if your acquisition of the Launch makes as well for the very first time a full-size Fleshlight owner, you may be shocked. Here are the measurements:

  • Size (standing): 12.75 ″ x 6 ″
  • Weight (empty): 3 pounds. 4.25 oz
  • Weight (with Fleshlight): 4 lbs. 7 oz

The Fleshlight Launch is just a little larger than an official NCAA sized football. Can you handle that? Basically it’s simply a little taller than a football, yet a little bit slimmer.

So, if you have an NCAA football, hold it upright in your lap, imagine another inch higher and a couple more inches of width as well as you’ll have a general idea of what type of space it inhabits.

Before you can use the Launch, you will give it a full charge, as well as the user guide states a great 6-9 hour charge is required. I could not specifically remember for how long it took to charge my device up for the initial time, but it was a very long time!

The Launch is made from ‘body-safe’ products (ABS Plastic, Chromium, Silicone) and weights around 1.5 kg (1500g) without a Fleshlight/Fleshjack in it, and after that around 2kg (2000g) with one inside (give or take a couple of grams either side).

So I could state this certainly right now, if you have a problem with gripping or weight, the Launch will not be your friend.

Order a football. Hold it in your lap. It’s about that size.

launch size

Be careful: Fleshlight not included

To be clear, the Fleshlight Launch does not already include a Fleshlight. It is just a device that gives movement to a Fleshlight that has actually been inserted into it. Inside the hollow location of the Launch is a receptacle into which you can turn and secure a standard-size Fleshlight, together with its sleeve, via the exact same notches that hold the top on the Fleshlight when it’s shut.

If you do not own a normal full-size Fleshlight yet, you’ll need to make certain you add one to your cart with the purchase of your Launch.

However even if you currently have a Fleshlight, you may still need to see to it you have a product that actually fits, due to the fact that!

Fleshlight model compatibility (no Ice or Turbo)

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Launch, pay very close attention to this: the Launch is suitable with common size Fleshlight sex toys except Turbo, Ice, Flight, GO as well as Quickshot Products.

The problem with the portable Fleshlight products (the Go, Flight, as well as Quickshot models) appears evident, though Fleshlight says they’re providing an adapter solution for the Flight as well as the Go.

So, if the only full-size Fleshlight you currently possess is an Ice or Turbo version, you may at least need a standard full-size case to hold your Ice/Turbo sleeve to use it in the Launch.

Choose from this listing of full-size models with basic cases if you are buying your first full-size Fleshlight as part of your purchase of the Launch. They all work.

The pearl-white Girls case, the gold STU, the original black and also the silver one that I got with my first Fleshlight order many years ago, all went in easily and felt well once in place.

fleshlight launch compatibility

Charging the Fleshlight Launch

The Launch includes a little standard USB Micro-B charger cord that connects into the back of the device. The power switch turns red to suggest the Launch is charging. No power block is provided, yet the one for my phone works flawlessly.

The manual claims the Launch will be charged before being received.

While it did have some power out of the box for me to check out the motion quickly and get an initial impression, the machine started losing all its charge after around 15 mins.

Charging time is intended to be 6-8 hours for a run time of 2 hours. I never had an issue with lacking power.

About the interface of the Launch

Fleshlight and Kiiroo have actually done a respectable job loading several functions into a straightforward interface, though it’s not super instinctive exactly how everything functions at first.

After examining the manual, there was a lot of trial and error prior to getting the first result.

The Launch has 2 LED “buttons” (more like control surface areas) on the front. One for power as well as one for selecting in between two settings– manual and interactive, as well as two touch surface areas on each side of the upper surface area for managing stroke starting height, speed, and also length.

Holding the power switch for a couple of secs wakes the Launch up in its default mode– interactive, as suggested by the blue light on the mode button.

To get things moving in interactive mode, you actually have to be linked via Bluetooth to the FeelConnect app, which then actually has to be synced with material on sites such as FeelMe.com. In the manual setting, you can change the stroke length, stroke starting height, and stroke rate manually by swiping or pressing different locations of the two touch-sensitive control strips on either side of the leading surface of the Launch.

To place it the Launch right into manual mode, you hold down the setting button for 3 seconds.

fleshlight launch controls

Playing in manual mode

When you do get it right in manual mode, you have straight control over stroke speed, size, as well as starting setting by swiping and tapping the control strips.

Left Control Strip:

  • Faster strokes: swipe away
  • Slower strokes: swipe to you

Right Control Strip:

  • Longer strokes: swipe away
  • Shorter strokes: swipe to you
  • Readjust stroke start position: tap one of 3 outlined spot on the control strip

The method to stop the device is to press the power button once. To turn it off, you hold the power button down for a few secs.

How slow and how fast can the Launch go?

When making use of a Fleshlight, I typically like incredibly slow-moving as well as sensual motions.

The idea of being able to loosen up and appreciate strokes even slower compared to what I have the self-control to perform myself is quite tempting.

Though, the slowest setup does not appear all that sluggish to me. If I could have it my way, I’d have the minimum be at the very least fifty percent as slow. I’m hoping this is something that could be improved via a firmware upgrade at some point.

If you like points fast though, the Launch can provide 180 strokes per minute, which equates to 3 per second. That might not be as quickly as your common mad dry fap, yet it really feels extremely fast for 1.6 pounds.

The variety of speeds is a bit harsh in manual mode, which means that it ramps from the slowest setting to the fastest setup quite fast.

There doesn’t appear to be a great deal of variants between. To me, it feels like there are truly just four or five speeds. You experience a lot more subtle variations in interactive mode.

Is the Fleshlight Launch quiet?

The very first possible bargain killer for me that popped into my head regarding the Fleshlight Launch was the sound I’ve heard.

Noticeable mechanical or digital noise would certainly be a genuine turn-off for me, as I’m sure it would be for a great deal of people, especially if you don’t live alone.

It’s definitely not silent, but it’s a whole lot quieter and also more refined sounding compared to what I anticipated it to be.

The good thing is that I have not found it to be too distracting to truly break my focus or enjoyment so much.

I hope we’ll reach a point with this modern technology where it’s entirely silent one day, but this isn’t really bad for a first generation of automatic sex robot.

Hence it is quiet enough, but be careful about the sound if you share your home with other people.

launch and fleshlight stu

About the manual mode

Regardless of being a sexually mature and also partnered grown-up at this point in my life, my expectations related to the discovery of the Fleshlight Launch featured a renewed feeling of teenage marvel concerning just what it was going to feel like, on demand from a tool that just came out of a box.

Indeed, when the Fleshlight Launch started with the very first upwards stroke, I got that exciting and one-of-a-kind mix of experience and also shock, “oh wow, that’s not my own hand doing that! Nice!”

As I saw my favorite Fleshlight come sliding back down on the 4th or third down-stroke, the first rolls of major breath-taking enjoyment took me rather by surprise in spite of seeing it happen right before me.

Having my very own hands not providing the fun was instantly adding a new dimension– the impression of another party involved.

Yet, it was simply me by myself, on my very own terms, on my own time-table, only concerned about my very own satisfaction.

The novelty of the gadget non-stop stroking me as if on a mission to “do the job” certainly heightened the enjoyment and also I had to strike the pause switch promptly. I had not also looked into the variants of stroke lengths as well as speeds yet as well as I was currently getting very close to the climax. So I slew down and tried new things.

In the end, non-stop powered by the Launch, the Fleshlight engulfed and pleased the sweet areas over and over with no involvement from my very own hand past simply holding the Launch steady.

It seemed like I was really feeling my favorite Fleshlight once more for the very first time, and it was as if the Launch knew precisely what it had to carry out in order to give me an orgasm.


fleshlight launch sleeves

What you must know about the Launch

I tried the Launch a couple of more times in the Manual setting with numerous various Fleshlights and came away with some more thoughts.

Guys who currently have more than one Fleshlight recognize them and like having different “flavors” of sensation to play while using the various distinctive sleeves.

Using the Launch, I was feeling the different sleeves not just in a brand-new way, however, with more clarity and detail.

Maybe it’s because I had not been needing to use up any kind of psychological energy on the real activity, therefore freeing me actually to focus on the experiences.

Or perhaps it was because the robot accuracy of the activity continuously applied the stimulation in precisely the same area.

For whatever reason, feeling each sleeve in combination with the Launch felt like discovering each of them for the very first time.

I’ve possibly used my favorite one a minimum of fifty times, but with the Launch, I was really feeling the sleeve’s shapes in even more detail than I had ever noticed before.

Also as stated earlier, the Launch does not stand up by itself on a strong level surface area, so it’s no surprise that it most definitely does not intend to stay upright without assistance during usage.

A couple of times, with some creative positioning of body pillows or placing myself encountering the side of the bed on the flooring, I was able to let go and also allow the Launch make its point.

The result was quite a great feeling. It wasn’t the excellent angle, yet it was possible.

I assume there are areas for improvement through some type of updates, but if you decide to get a Launch, it’s worth doing some trial and error on this front.

launch masturbator

Playing in interactive mode

The appeal of having the Launch move a Fleshlight in real time based on what’s happening in an adult video clip needs no explanation.

Until the app is improved to give stroke patterns, pattern sequences, or another type of humanization, the only way to break out of the push-button robot patting and also further remove your hands from constant control is to sync the Launch to immersive adult material.

The outcome, whether you’re taking notice of the video or not, is much less predictable and even more satisfying surprises, and an even greater sense of having somebody besides yourself dedicated to your pleasure.

Sounds fantastic, right?

The solution that Kiiroo and Fleshlight have generated is to make use of a mobile app named FeelConnect to serve as an intermediary between the website web content as well as the Launch.

This needs you to connect your Launch to your phone, and after that link your phone to a site using a QR code, which after that determines your Launch on the website.

When you intend to make use of the Launch in its interactive mode, you’ll need to get it set up using the following steps:

  1. Download the FeelMe app from either the Android or iOS store
  2. Launch the App and from the menu, pick ‘Connect a Device’
  3. Turn on the Launch until the light flashes
  4. On your phone, it ought to locate the Launch; select it
  5. Once linked, it will ask you to ‘add a site’
  6. Create a free account at FeelMe, and from the selection, select ‘My Devices’
  7. Utilizing the App, scan the QR code
  8. Select the video you want to watch
  9. When the video starts playing, the Launch will respond in sync to the activity on the screen

kiiroo fleshlight launch

My interactive mode experience with the Launch

Compared to the manual mode, the Fleshlight Launch’s activity sync to the action of the video did certainly make each movement of the Launch more unexpected and extra humanized.

I was loved whatever was being done to me during this immersive little journey.

Sadly, right now, there are just 3 resources of interactive web content that I’ve tried and can work with the Launch: FeelMe.com, the recently introduced interactive section of PornHub.com, and UFeel.tv.

1. FeelMe.com

FeelMe.com, run by Kiiroo, was naturally advertised by Fleshlight when the Launch was presented.

Their web content, which also works with other Kiiroo tools, as well as products from OhMiBod and WeVibe, is a couple of bucks each video for a 24-hour service, with video length being around 20-30 mins.

Their offerings began very restricted, however, the quantity of web content has actually expanded substantially over the previous few months to a little over 600 video clips, making it the biggest source of content at the time this post is published.

As for content quality, it looks like respectable high quality to me: properly produced, well lit, as well as fine audio. FeelMe.com additionally features a little amount of synced VR content.

2. PornHub Interactive

PornHub, on the other hand, most likely needs no intro. It is a complimentary tube website featuring a mishmash of top quality varying from crazy homemade amateur to reduced clips from professional companies. PornHub has been around for some time so the web content is totally classified, sortable, filterable, as well as searchable.

They’ve just entered the interactive game, and also you can currently hook your Launch as much as any of their 200+ special video clips and begin experiencing the magic of the Launch.

Nevertheless, the high quality of the PornHub interactive videos is less consistent compared to FeelMe.com, as well as the durations are much shorter– more like six to 10 minutes. Many appear to be clips from longer videos promoting material on an additional interactive content website, ufeel.tv.

For the time being, I’ve found that PornHub is a fantastic method to get some experience getting the material synced as well as working with the Launch, and to explore several of the potential of the interactive aspects of the Launch right from the package through a range of different clips absolutely free.

As soon as you’ve got that down, the FeelMe.com video clips will certainly give a more immersive full-length experience as well as you’ll likely feel like you’re getting a lot more for your cash.

When I initially started with the Launch though, FeelMe.com was the only game on the web, so my understanding as well as the expedition set you back a few dollars each session.

3. UFeel.tv

This website plainly promotes the compatibility with the Fleshlight Launch, yet appears to be also newer compared to FeelMe.com.

Their video clips are downloaded and encoded in standalone executable applications as opposed to streamed. They can be bought for $9.95 each, or you could acquire a subscription varying in cost from $29.95 per month to $99.95 per year.

Though at the moment, there are just 12 video clips available, generally the same vanilla category, yet among them are is free and the high quality seems high.

By downloading the video clips as apps, the UFeel.tv material offers some unique interactive features. In the totally free video clip, for instance, there are five different main scenes as well as you can jump to them by hitting any of the numbers, 1-5, on your keyboard.

Within those scenes, you can after that select from three sorts of motion– tease, sluggish, and also quickly.

Perhaps the coolest attribute is the sixth scene– the final climax, which is wired to the space bar to make sure that you can promptly and also conveniently start it when you know that you are getting closer.

How good is the sync of the Launch?

I tried paying closer focus on the action on the screen as well as the activity of the Launch, to get a feeling of how well the Launch was keeping up.

Do not expect the timing to be ideal. Often there’s a little a delay or a missed out on stroke occasionally if you’re watching very closely, and the quality of the syncing varies from one video clip to the next.

Taking into consideration that the signal relay taking place in between the video clip server and the Launch is going across continents, converting to Bluetooth, flying in the air and causing an electric motor to move, it’s really kind of impressive that it’s as carefully synced as it is.

Better syncing is for sure an objective for designers as the modern technology application grows, and far better syncing is only going to produce a much better experience.

Objectively though, right now, the movement is absolutely far better than I would certainly have the ability to create if I was attempting to mimic it with my hand.


launch machine

The Fleshlight Launch + VR

Have you heard of VR porn? This is seriously trendy and enjoyable, and I claim this as someone who is not so much into porn as well as who has an active and also healthy sex life with a partner. It’s tough to explain the immersion you feel

Using the Launch with VR media is as immersive as solo sexual experiences can get. A fairly affordable Virtual Reality headset with my iPhone was all I needed to start with it.

At first I really did not think I was going to include the Virtual Reality material for this review. I didn’t even have any kind of VR gear and despite having a fantastic physical experience with the Launch synced to interactive material, I hadn’t been that impressed by the web content itself.

Using it quite routinely, I kept having this unpleasant feeling that I was missing something significant: the fact that virtual reality matched with a masturbator was really a thing and was in fact rather budget-friendly.

Again, my interest got the very best of me, so I took the VR plunge!

I ordered a $60 Merge Virtual Reality headset off Amazon that works with my iPhone, along with different Android phones. No Samsung Gear, and definitely no Oculus Rift or HTC Vive … at least yet. And that’s a guaranteed “yet”, because just tasting basics as well as somewhat grainy Virtual Reality on a phone was sufficient that now I really desire the big kid VR gear.

As well as to get right into that, I’m additionally going to have to update my computer. I really feel like I’ve opened Pandora’s box, which’s even before trying any of the adult material. I spent a whole afternoon just exploring normal 360-degree content on YouTube as well as through various applications.

The truth is, Launch-compatible VR content is even more limited and adds complexity, yet it’s even more enjoyable.

Amazed by the potential offered by even the family-friendly VR, I laid out to see exactly what type of VR I could sync the Launch to. FeelMe.com is the only resource I’ve found at that time with 63 Virtual Reality videos. (And forget about same-sex content.)

I’m very picky regarding my porn, so subtract the virtually 95% that really did not boost my pulse and that left me with a few ones that I was initially willing to wager time and also money on.

Though, I truly wish they provided fuller full-motion sneak peeks than simply gif slide shows because, without a much better option, you really feel like you’re gambling with every video.

My recommendation is to choose your most of all-natural sensation sleeve with the Virtual Reality, yet if you are considering your first Fleshlight acquisition in addition to the Launch, I’d still recommend choosing the Mini Lotus unless you are above ordinary length due to the fact that there are going to be times when you’ll desire to use it without the Launch.


Cleaning the Launch

The Launch does not add a lot in the means of cleaning and maintaining to the routine with your Fleshlight, as long as you do not go crazy with the lube and also physical fluids.

A lot of the dirty stuff happens within the Fleshlight, but any kind of little bit of lube that gets on the exterior should come off with a warm, clean wet cloth.

However, if you prefer to often climax outside of your Fleshlight, as I did a couple of times, stay clear of having an orgasm in the front situation of the Launch where the controls are or even inside where the mechanical parts are.

As you can see in some of the pictures, there are holes that reveal some of the electrical wirings.

I’m uncertain if any type of accessibility points below those voids are fluid-tight or not, yet if they aren’t, you can take the chance of creating a hazmat scenario behind the control panel of the Launch.

Also if it’s secured back there, it would certainly still be a pain in the butt to cleanse those locations out, and you are not going to feel like taking care of that throughout your robot-induced afterglow.

fleshlight launch combo

Charging the Launch and battery life

Although I really did not do any kind of regulated measurements of the charge time as well as run time, it never ever quit on me throughout usage.

Even my longest sessions never ran greater than maybe 15 mins, and also most were over and done within at the very least half that time due to the Launch as well as Fleshlight’s efficiency.

I put it on to charge overnight after every 3 or 4 uses just to be on the risk-free side though. I did reach the red indicator light on the setting switch a few times, which suggests the battery was getting low.

As pointed out in the unboxing section, you’ll need to supply your very own USB power block to link to the included of USB Micro B charging cable.

Chances are, you currently have a half loads approximately around your home from other products, as the Micro B adapters are used to charge a variety of Android-based devices as well as digital electronic cameras.

I was a little shocked a power block wasn’t included though. Even the Fleshlight Warmer included a power block with a Fleshlight logo design on it. But as I stated at the begin, I was questioning if any type of compromises actually had to be made to bringing this pup in under $200 and this is probably one of these.

No great bargain, simply kinda intriguing. I was able to charge the Launch using an Apple iPhone block without an issue.

fleshlight launch

My Verdict: Is the Fleshlight Launch a must-have for $200?

You should think about getting the Fleshlight Launch if:

  • The idea of being pleasured vs. pleasuring on your own is quite exciting.
  • You place a high value on sex-related satisfaction as well as the experience of discovery. You’re an early adopter of modern technology
  • You already own a minimum of one full-size Fleshlight and have ever believed, “the only thing that can be far better is if it moved on its very own”.
  • You could forgive some flaws in material high quality and range for the sake of the physical and also psychological adventure of automatic pleasure

The Fleshlight Launch might not be for you right now if:

  • You are an adult material lover and mostly want the Launch to improve your web content experience. The high quality as well as the range simply isn’t really there for you. If you are gay/bi/curious as well as want a lot of same-sex content, the material unfortunately is not there in mass yet.
  • You are not a very early adopter of modern technology, meaning you put extra value on the assurance of refinement over the experience of exploration.
  • You are looking for easy self-pleasure or are very pragmatic. The Launch will easily pleasure you, yet it takes effort on your part to discover it, set it up, as well as maintain it. I believe it’s worth it, but for some it’s not.
  • You’re terrified of robots.

Over the previous last months, I feel like I’ve quickly had $200 well worth of enjoyable with the Fleshlight Launch as well as with the VR.

Though, I suppose if you throw in the expense of a VR headset, a Fleshlight (if you do not have one already), and $10 or two worth of adult content, it’s truly a lot more in the area of $350 well worth of fun for the whole experience.

Also with the Launch + Fleshlight alone in a manual mode, I’ve appreciated hrs of laying back and experiencing a distinct setting of enjoyable excitement that formerly just had not been possible with laid-back solo masturbation. The feeling of points being made to you rather than you doing it to on your own.

It’s always more exciting to have something done to you than to do something to yourself.

And the Fleshlight + Launch allows you to have all the “somebody else doing it” sensation you want as well as whenever you want it.

Currently having a couple of Fleshlights, I’ve felt them in brand-new ways and in even more details with the motion being out of my direct control, so I really feel like I’m obtaining more value out of things I already possess.

Of course, there’s areas for improvement. Particularly, it should get an application equivalent to exactly what Lovense offers with their items. But improvements are currently in the works and I can’t wait to test them.

As for the interactive material and the VR: no, it’s not the greatest thing ever, yet. There’s still a fair bit to be carried out regarding material development, content shipment, as well as syncing.

Yet, it still entertained me, got me off sometimes, and also permitted me to experience a taste of brand-new and exciting things.

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