Fleshlight Flight Review: The Best Travel-Friendly Alternative?

Fleshlights are targeted at offering nothing but first-rate human sexual pleasure.

Fleshlights are particularly a lot more interesting and fun to use since they create exactly the same level of pleasure, fantasy and excitement as being with a female figure during coitus.

This new toy comes alongside a leaflet which includes details of other products by the same brand coupled with a little sachet of a water-based Fleshlube.

The dimples all over the body as though a golf ball giving it a wholly unique and different feel as compared with others.


How does it Work?

Fleshlights are comfortable and convenient to use whether this is your very first trial with a sex toy or you have used any before the time.

At the point of use, to start with, ensure the Fleshlube mentioned earlier is applied to the designated part of the skin and the toy which would come in contact. Afterwards, carefully insert the organ into the Flight device.

However, do bear in mind that there exists a smaller cap which controls the suction and can as well be manipulated at the rear of the unit.

This suction is strongest at the time that the cap is closed. Hence, becomes weaker when the cap is let loose.

The truth, however, is that users all the time prefer a completely shut lid since the impact on the sleeve interior is very much more pronounced than any other.

The reason being that the length of the toy was at the expected specification and was quite appropriate too. Upon use of the product, the toy should be cleaned ensuring maximum hygiene.

The thought of the sensitive areas or regions of the skin that the toy would reach during use ought to provide sufficient motivation to keep the toys clean and healthy for consumption.

First and foremost, the sleeves are to be removed and rinsed thoroughly. This should be done for up to about 15 – 30 seconds with soap and hot water allowing the moisture to dry before it is done away with.

The same applies to the casing as well as the suction lid ensuring that no stone is left unturned in ensuring that everything is completely clean.

The internal sleeve usually feels sticky to touch at the moment; it is air dried. What to do at this point in time is to apply corn flour sparingly and to clean the item as careful as you can until the stickiness is completely removed.

As much as there is nothing wrong with introducing toys into a marital relationship, it must also be ensured that precautions and care must be taken in ensuring hygiene and safety.

One of which is knowing that the STD Status of the partner with whom you are sharing with. With crazier and vigorous orgasms at stake, the user ought to be wary of the tendency for STD contraction.

Anyway, that is not we are here to discuss at the moment. So, let’s focus on the sex toy for the time being.

Flight toy men

Pros of the Fleshlight Flight

Fleshlights will always remain some of the most widely used sex toys as it is usually known for handiness.

Users perpetually give appraisal of the fact that the case is not only thinner but also lighter thus making it incredibly comfortable to grip. The Superskin structure usually provides the sensation of the real experience.

This is further explained by how the temperature can be raised via immersion in hot or warm water thereby creating an even more ‘realistic’ sensation.

However, in ensuring safety on the part of the user and getting the best from the product, it has to be provided that the right lubes are employed during use.

Water-based lubes ONLY remain the most suitable for Fleshlight products as Silicone or hybrid lubes could as well deteriorate the material.


Cons of the Fleshlight Flight

It has been said quite a few times by users that Fleshlight is overly sized and also very bulky, thus edging out the satisfaction that would have been experienced if the opposite was the case.

All in all, every reviewer cries over the size and structure of the Fleshlight, and we are no different.

A few Fleshlight users were inconvenienced with the fact that the bumped texture stopped at about only a third of the way down and not proceeding further all the way down the length of the internal canal.

This implies that the stimulation that proceeds is not distributed evenly all through the regions of the penis as it is solely restricted to the lower region leaving out the area that ought to receive the stimulation that would, in turn, bring about orgasm.

While the canal is extensive as it is expected to be, it fails at creating the burning and crazy sensation that could make one clutch the bed, curl the toes or even make sweet and silly groans of pleasure.

People have been suggesting countless crazy ways to solve this problem and here is our favorite and the most effective one: apply elastic bands which will aid the lackluster texture, the bands help in enabling the inner bands to become even tighter than they were designed to be thus making it much more pleasurable.

The fact that the bands are tightly fixed compensates for the inability of the toy to stimulate the whole length of the penis.

While the users lamented and expressed their disapproval of how the Do-it-yourself practice still applies to the Fleshlight product, they, however, strongly affirmed how that Flight’s long desired result was achieved which in this case would be what the users call ‘Serious Orgasm’.



Fleshlight products are known for their quality and the delivering the experience and Flight doubles up that confidence in the product range.

However, the built quality is a little clumsy, comparatively but given its price, I would call it a good deal and speak no more.

I would recommend this to people who travel a lot and wish to carry their means of entertainment with themselves, other than that; but, if you are not on a budget, I would recommend investing in a better Fleshlight toy; like Launch?

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