Cobra Libre 2 Review: The Best USB Rechargeable Male Vibrator?

The Cobra Libre 2 is a portable, vibrating male masturbator with different customizable pleasuring options.

It’s made out of smooth materials to help reduce friction and is made mainly to stimulate the corona and head of the penis.

There are no special skills needed to operate the Cobra Libre 2.


With the time, quality sex toys have much better components made from good materials. The Cobra Libre 2 is an excellent example of that.

To start with, it is available in either black or red so that you can quickly match it with the rest of your cool toys.

Secondly, it is produced from medical-grade silicone and also skin-safe plastic that’s entirely waterproof, which is guarding the two powerful mechanisms inside of it.

It comes locked to conserve the battery life. It measures 6.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 – a literal one-size-fits for all penis size.

cobra libre 2

How Does It Work?

Operating this sex toy isn’t too complicated either.

Apparently, the manufacturers of the Cobra Libre 2 understand how difficult it happens to be to get your brain to function normally when you’re climaxing.

It includes a “FUN to Play” switch and various vibration options, as well as locks and unlock switch.

Making use of it is straightforward. However, you have to recharge it first. As soon as it’s fully charged, you are in a position to have orgasms.

This male masturbator comes locked, so no matter what key you press, it will not switch on! To unlock, you have to push the “Fun” button as well as the + button for a few seconds.

If you wish to change the option or increase the speed, push the + button and also select what is right for you!

To lock it, just push the “Fun” button and ‘-‘ for half a second. It is ideal for traveling if you don’t want something starting to rumble unexpectedly in your bags.

Don’t forget to make use of lube, ensure you lube your penis along with the inside of the toy. The perfect lube for sex toys is liquid-based lube.

Made Making Use of German Technology

Many people have confidence in German technology. Either it’s Mercedes Benz, BMW, or perhaps Porsche, German technology was made to last and to impress.

So the “Made in Germany” is a superb indicator that it is a high-quality product.

It does not guarantee it though because we are definitely sure that not all products made in Germany are great. However, it is a perfect vibrator for men.

cobra libre

What Exactly Comes in the Package?

Here is what you will get in the package when you purchase the Cobra Libre 2 sex toy:

  • A USB recharging cable (around 8 inches long)
  • The Cobra Libre 2 (obviously)
  • An instruction manual to get started

We realized that there was no case in the package. However, we just assumed that the manufacturers presumed that it was not needed since it is mostly used at home, therefore, they didn’t bother.

There’s additionally no lube (you need to purchase it separately) or even toy cleaner in the box, however, you should probably have some of that if you’re not new to sex toys or you should think of purchasing some.


Factory Cobra Libre 2 just happens to be identical regarding usage.

It has an extremely shallow opening which could only fit the head of the penis.

Inserting into it is easy. However, it’s a tight fit. It has only around 3 inches (7.5 cm) of width as well as insertable length. Therefore, it’s just for the head of the penis.

How to Clean After Use

To begin with, it is 100% water resistant. Just don’t keep it in water with the charger plugged in. Just wipe the body with warm water.

Do not make use of detergent because this might degrade the silicone interior, or you can just make use of a little bit to make sure that your toy is thoroughly clean.


The Cobra Libre 2 is not at all cheap. We find it a little bit expensive. However, quality can never be cheap. Good quality, durability, exquisite pleasure, safety and a lot of fun are not cheap features.

You need to pay for what you want. This is simply not a cheap product because it was built with high-quality material.

German technology comes along with a price.

At around $130 for the Cobra Libre 2, in that case, we think the Cobra Libre 2 is a bit expensive. However, it’s an investment, and you will enjoy using it.



  • Since it is water resistant, this means it is very simple to clean
  • It has a powerful vibration
  • It’s rechargeable
  • The lights indicate that it’s charging while its plug plugged in
  • It’s very stylish to look at
  • There are a lot of options on the vibrations which means you don’t get bored every time, you will enjoy a different experience
  • It’s made out of safe material


  • Users could have preferred it to be a little longer in length to ensure that it could be used to stroke the penis as well, it’s mainly for the tip of the penis
  • It is quite loud
  • It takes quite a long time to charge


If you need a very nice quality penis vibrator that has a different selection of vibrations, then Cobra Libre 2 is probably a very good choice

It is a bit pricey at around $130, but it is really worth it.

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