Top 7 Best Sex Toys for Men in 2018

Men have always been allowed to express their sexual interest with utmost freedom. Throughout the ages, their desire for certain sexual acts have only broadened.

However, not all men have their fantasies fulfilled over the course of their lives.

With the advent of various sex toys, they can now fulfill their erotic and sensual imaginations (which could be considered weird by a certain percentage of the population) with utmost ease and flexibility.

There are tons of sex toys out there for men which aim to stimulate their wildest dreams so that they could achieve a feeling of heavenly orgasm.

These toys are designed to play for an individual and also for the couples. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the 7 best sex toys for men available on the market today.

1. Fleshlight Launch

fleshlight launch

FleshLight Launch, a product by KIIROO (with Fleshlight) is one of the finest sex toys built for men. It provides the ultimate experience without the need for any significant effort.

How does it Work?

The Fleshlight Launch comes in three modes.

In the manual mode, the device simply needs to be put on your organ as the masturbator can go up and down swiftly. The device is large so it requires both hands for support.

The buttons on the left side set the speed up to 180 strokes per minute, while those on the right allow the length of the stroke to be adjusted.

It would be underestimating to say that the product is of decent size. It is massive and stands at 12.5 inches in height with 6.5 inches in width.

Its weight of nearly 4.4 pounds and isn’t always comfortable to be held just by your pelvic bone.

But here is the best part. The Bluetooth feature in the interactive mode allows it to connect with the online database of Fleshlight (and other interactive websites).

There, you can find plenty of high-quality videos with POV type of adult content.

The thrusts and other acts like a blowjob in the video are synced with the up and down motion of the device thereby giving you a supreme VR experience which will eventually help you in getting off like crazy.

How good is it?

It provides a complete hands-free masturbation experience, as hands are only needed to hold the device.

The inner flesh-like material attached to the device provides immense arousal to the glans and the shaft.

The sleeves of the masturbator consist of the vulva and the interior anatomy is an excellent replica of a healthy female reproductive organ, depending on the Fleshlight you choose. The strokes can be changer to both faster or  slower speeds.

Pros of the Fleshlight Launch

There are numerous advantages of using Fleshlight Launch:

  • Does not require any motion from your hand
  • Provides surreal experience which helps in achieving intense volcanic orgasms
  • Great for long distance relationships, as it connects with Kiiroo and Ohmibod products
  • Level of speed and depth of strokes can be varied depending on the arousal level
  • The inner flesh-like material is super realistic, as Fleshlight is the leader of male masturbators

Disadvantages of Fleshlight Launch

Compared to the advantages, the disadvantages are only minor:

  • The price a bit high
  • The weight of the product could have been lighter than 4.4 pounds
  • One needs to be careful about the movements at higher intensities
  • It’s hard to store in a secluded place due to its sheer size (12.5 inches by 6.5 inches)
  • Complete recharging of the device takes 4-6 hours.

Final Verdict

Simply put, KIIROO has made a world-class sex toy for men.

With its VR experience in the interactive mode, you are sure to receive super intensive orgasms which will just drain your family jewels to the max.

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2. Autoblow 2


As the name suggests, the device provides automatic blowjobs without the need for hands.

With the aim of providing supreme fellatio experience, AutoBlow 2 can easily stimulate every inch of your penis without the need of your hand and body motion.

Perfect device for simply sitting back and enjoying the BJ experience.

How does it work?

Autoblow 2 comes with a sleeve. There are three sizes available varying on the size of your penis. A motor is located inside the device with 3 string beads that do an up and down motion along the sleeve.

You only have to rub a water-based lubricant on to your organ and then insert it into the sleeve fitted in the device.

Once the motor is on, the up and down motion of the string beads will provide a pleasurable experience. The speed of the motion can be varied as you can choose between slow, medium or fast.

How good is it?

It is one of the sex toys which allows a complete hands free blowjob experience. The sleeves provide stimulating experience thus helping you to get a thunderous orgasm.

The suction force of the beads provides a real-life experience of a BJ and lips, pouts at the sleeve entrance can help you to visualize getting a super treat from your desired partner.

Pros of the AutoBlow 2

  • Allows for complete hands-free experience
  • The sleeves come in 3 different sizes therefore allowing superior experience to men having any size organ
  • No need of batteries as the device can be charged with wire
  • Provides appreciable realistic feel of blowjobs
  • Very easy to clean as the sleeve is removable

Cons of the AutoBlow 2

  • Autoblow 2 produces noise (due to motor) which is audible from even medium distances in the house, meaning that it is difficult to maintain privacy while using this device
  • Instead of three settings of slow, medium and fast, a knob would have been a better for slightly increasing or slowing down the speed
  • There is a doubt on the longevity of the sleeves due to their constant exposure to up and down motion of the string beads
  • The price tag may not seem justifiable to some customers, compared to the Fleshlight Launch or Kiiroo Onyx 2
  • The total lifecycle of the motor is only 1000 hours

The Verdict

Although its creators have done a decent job, the motor should be able to run more than 1000 hours.

After all, 1000 hours seems less for even an average man.

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3. Lovense Max

lovense max review

Max by Lovense is a device for male masturbation which is mostly preferred by couples in a long distance relationship. The sleeve of the device is made from soft and skin-like TPR which is perfectly safe.

The device works as a teledildonic and mimics the sensations of a real vagina while used with the Lovense Nora. Max is nearly 9 inches long with a width of 2.54 inches.

Lovense provides immense options like music-powered features, simultaneous sensations, and solo smart app controls and they are continually adding innovative features in their library.

How Does it Work?

Max by Lovense comes with a USB charging cable. The total charging time takes roughly around 2 hours which then outputs up to 140 minutes of operation.

Max is pairable with your phone or laptop through the app provided by Lovense, as long as you have Bluetooth.

Your long distance partner can change patterns of rhythmic contraction and retraction through the smartphone app which will bring virtual sex to life.

Near the base of the device, there are air pumps which provide more suction to the penis. The amount of vibration and air pumping can be controlled by the two buttons.

Max can be synced with another Max or Nora (masturbating devices for women by Lovense). Therefore it is a perfect solution for physical stimulation especially for long distance relationships.

How good is it?

The guys from Lovense have done a considerable job in designing a sleeve which feels pretty much like a real vagina. The contractions and retractions can be tightened or loosened up according to arousal level.

The device can be controlled by your partner over long distances and make you feel as if you are orgasming with him or her. Apart from that, the device can also be used for solo use.

A perfect solution to overcome your need for lovemaking.

Pros of the Max

  • It is much lighter than other similar sex toys in the market
  • The device can be recharged with a a USB cable
  • Can work on wireless technology (for LDRs)
  • It is splashproof
  • The device can be used by gays, lesbians and heterosexual couples alike, since it can easily be synced up with other Max or Nora (masturbating devices for women by Lovense).

Cons of the Max

  • The sleeve texture could have been better as compared to sleeves of other sex toys for men
  • Although it is splashproof, you can’t take the risk of using it in the bathroom
  • The sleeve comes in only one size which claims to accommodate 95% of men

The Verdict

This is the single toy which perfectly fulfills the need of long-distance couples. The sex with your long distance partner can be a lot more passionate with this product.

That’s why we are sure that this device is more valuable than just 100 USD.

However, just make sure that the size would fit as it comes with only one sleeve.

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4. Lovense Hush

lovense hush

Lovense has designed another product for men, “Hush”, which claims to be the first vibrating butt plug. It can be used over long distances as well.

The Hush is nearly 4.76 inches in length and 3.80 inches in diameter.

Apart from just solo and long distance usage, the device can be used discreetly in public (kinky stuff). Your partner can control the vibrating levels of the device while you could be sitting right in front of him sipping coffee.

It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and enabled with Bluetooth 4.0. The product comes with one-year manufacturing warranty.

The Hush comes in small and medium sizes, to fit both beginners and experts.

The neck part includes a spiral design which helps during the insertion and removal of the plug.

How does it work?

The device can be recharged with a charging cable that comprises an Aux input Jack and USB Port on the other end.

At the base, there is a button through which it turns on. The switch provides more options for varying the vibrating levels along with different patterns.

When the device is connected via Bluetooth, varying patterns can be made on the screen which will translate into vibrations of the butt plug.

There are a couple of options like Create Loop and float in the app. With create loop, you can create a looping pattern of any choice.

The pattern can be seen in the wave form on the screen. However, with the Float option, the vibration of the butt plug will be constant after taking off your fingers from the smartphone.

The pattern can be customized for different arousal levels and can be saved too for using it later on.

There is also a store in the app from where you can access and download the pattern created by other people for free.

How good is it?

The Hush by Lovense provides a unique experience as the vibration can be controlled by the partner over long distances.

The texture of the device is comfortable and does not cause any rashes even after prolonged usage. The Hush can easily be used for longer hours than its total charging time.

The device can be used without any fear such as difficulty in removing and one can easily achieve mind-blowing orgasms with it.

Pros of the Hush

  • The device can be enjoyed discreetly in public
  • Provides wireless control via Bluetooth
  • Other patterns can be used and downloaded from the store
  • Extremely soft texture and compact design. Very easy to store in a small place like drawers.
  • The vibrations are pretty intense at high levels which should do the job

Cons of the Hush

  • The length and width of the device could have been more for better stimulation
  • Although the Hush is only a vibrator plug, if it was coupled with little angular movements in the anal region, the device would be able to deliver eye-rolling orgasms.
  • There are reports of connectivity issues with the Bluetooth after some time

The Verdict

Hush can easily stimulate the wildest spots in the butt area. If you are into anal sex, this device can certainly spice up your lovemaking sessions.

The texture is soft and easily penetrating. For its price range, both singles and couples can try it out for spicier and kinkier sessions.

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5. KIIROO Onyx 2

kiiroo onyx 2

Often referred to as a “blowjob machine”, Onyx 2 by Kiiroo is a handheld automatic masturbating device. It is a perfect device for solo usage as well as for couples.

The Onyx 2 has massive improvements from its previous version with the state of the art technology.

The KIIROO Onyx 2 provides varieties of sensations and it provides video chat too through its companion app. The upgraded model is quieter than its predecessor. It is compatible with Ohmibod Fuse and Kiiroo Pearl 2 for LDR sex.

The motor inside is very powerful and stimulating with 10 contracting inner rings. One thing definitely worth noticing is that the device seems discreet and much sleeker than its previous model.

How does it work?

The Onyx 2 needs to be recharged first with the help of a USB charger.

Its sleeve which is designed by Fleshlight and enhanced by their SuperSkin™ provides a mind-blowing experience that is aimed to simply drain your balls.

The optional Virtual Reality Goggles provide another level of excitement if you want try VR and interactive adult content synced with your toy.

How good is it?

First, you need to lube your organ and the 10 inner contracting rings will do their magic. The Onyx 2 is capable of reaching 140 strokes per minutes or 2.5 strokes per second, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

The sleeves have real-life vagina feeling, and the inner rings do not cause problems with even prolonged usage.

It helps you wildly visualize your celebrity crushes (or whatever your choice) and get a shuddering orgasm, kicking you off to sleep like a baby.

Pros of the Kiiroo Onyx 2

  • It is probably the best masturbating toy for men in the market today with the Fleshlight Launch
  • Provides VR experience with pornstars like Lisa Ann, Bobbi Eden, Jasmin Jae, and more
  • Super comfortable and gives wild experience
  • Highly durable
  • Smooth and soft texture of sleeve just like a human vagina
  • Very lightweight as compared to the other male sex toys
  • The motors are quieter than the previous model

Cons of the Kiiroo Onyx 2

  • The motor works for only an hour despite total charging time of 3-4 hours
  • Onyx 2 requires to be updated frequently
  • The interactive video library consists of only a few videos so far, Kiiroo needs to add more videos regularly

The Verdict

For featuring pornstars like Tanya Tate and Lisa Ann in virtual reality, I would say even 200 USD is cheap. The device is designed to empty your nuts. The time for motor running should certainly be a lot more thought.

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6. Fleshlight STU

fleshlight stamina training unit

This product is designed to provide an extra stimulus to your penis so that you can last longer in bed with your partner. The STU stands for Stamina Training Unit.

The sleeves of the FleshLight STU are highly sensitive, even more so than a real vagina.

The product aims to help men to cure their premature ejaculation problem as the penis will get adjusted to the highly sensitive STU unit thereby helping them to last longer in bed.

How does it work?

You should lube up the penis before sliding in the STU. The walls of the sleeve feel tighter than any vagina.

The sleeves which are super skin material are patented by Fleshlight. The marble-like small balls offer extra stimulation apart from the tightness of the sleeves.

How good is it?

The product is aptly called as STU. By changing the various levels of suction, the arousal levels can be altered. There is a chance of leakage of Lube if the suction cap is even slightly unscrewed though.

Nonetheless, STU does a great job and combine with some porn; it should help you achieve eye-rolling orgasms.

Pros of the FleshLight STU

  • Tighter feel than the average vagina
  • Although the STU aims to help you last longer with your partner, it is quite difficult to last with its stimulating marble spongy like balls

Cons of the FleshLight STU

  • Cleanup and maintenance is a bit of a hassle due to its large size
  • Complete drying up takes time
  • The device does look suspicious in plain sight

The Verdict

Men have always wanted to last longer with their partners. Instead of edging, Fleshlight’s STU allows you to acclimatize towards more stimulus which would help in prolonging your lovemaking sessions.

Certainly worth giving a shot.

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7. Tenga Flip Hole

tenga flip hole review

Tenga Flip Hole is considered one of the best sex toys in manual masturbation mode.

By just looking at the Tenga Flip Hole, it’s hard to predict that it’s a sex toy. Its interior view is even more complicated and discreet (good thing though).

The device also has three buttons on the side which are aimed to create more suction and pressure when squeezed. Each button affects the certain location of the flip.

Tenga Flip Hole comes in 4 different models, and all of them have a different inner texture which allows for different sensations.

At the entrance, the clip orb provides the first sensation to the glans. The side ribs provide simultaneous stimulation and at the end point, the End Orb provides 360-degree stimulation which is extremely over whelming.

How does it work?

Firstly, the inside of the device needs to be lubed up. Tenga provides with three different lubes, each helping in getting different levels of sensation.

Then the organ can enter from the orifice. Now the inside is somewhat complicated.

You can use either hand or even both for increasing the stimulation. Alternatively, the flip can also be pinned at appropriate places which will allow you to use it hands-free.

The device can also be rotated at 180 degrees which will simply take you over the edge.

After using it, the Flips can be opened and washed with soap water. Before using it again, it is crucial that the inside portion has completely dried off.

How good is it?

The side ribs and orbs located in the entrance and end point do provide overwhelming stimulation that is hard to hold.

Even the lubes provide a definite variety of arousal with Wild Lotion being the thinnest and allows for sharp sensations to be felt on the glans and shaft.

Pros of the Flip Hole

  • They can be open in flip positions which helps in maintaining hygiene
  • The insides are made of elastomer which provides fantastic stimulation
  • The makers have placed orbs at appropriate places (at beginning and end) which enhances the pleasure exponentially

Cons of the Flip Hole

  • It produces squelching noise that is loud on ears and distracts you a bit
  • The company claims it to be good for only 50 sessions, after which the elastomer starts to break down

The Verdict

The design and sensations produced by it are quite exceptional. For men who want to try out something different, I would say it’s worth giving a shot.

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Although there are tons of sex toys available for men, the above are the trend setters and provide the best value for your bucks.