Top 5 Best Male Masturbators in 2018

There has been no shortage of female sex toys available on the market. The men never had a decent masturbating toy for years but now time is changing.

Technological advancement has paved the way for manufacturing new masturbation toys for men that will ultimately fulfill their physical needs.

In this article, we will be giving an overview of the five· best male masturbating devices on the market that every man must have in 2018.

1. Fleshlight Launch

fleshlight launch

Fleshlight has been a pioneer in designing high-performance sex toys. For male masturbation, they are simply a household name in the West and are reaching more and more bedrooms across the globe with the time.

Though, the Launch is a game-changer, as it is an automatic masturbator for men.

The size of the Fleshlight Launch can be a bit intimidating at first. However, it sure does look discreet in plain sight. So anyone noticing it accidentally will not get to know its purpose.

How does it Work?

There are two modes available for operating the FleshLight Launch: manual and interactive.

The speed of this device provides up to 180 strokes per minute. Even the length of the stroke can be varied with the help of the side buttons.

The device can work on wireless technology via Bluetooth. This giant of a toy can be controlled via the Feel apps on your smartphone.

This will allow your long distance partner to enjoy orgasmic sessions with you. Fleshlight has also recorded adult interactive content on their website.

The movements like blowjob and thrusting are synced with the up and down motion of the device on your shaft. This will provide an immensely uniquely experience as if you are involved yourself with the onscreen pornstar.

A fantasy that most men can only dream of.

How good is it?

Based on our experience, we found that being hands-free it is different than other male masturbating toys.

The shafts and glans get worked up sufficiently that it will be hard for you to hold off longer than 15 minutes.

Pros of the FleshLight Launch

  • Completely hands-free product
  • Excellent for long distance relationships and interactive content lovers
  • Provides VR experience of making out with a pornstar which is simply an overwhelming experience for the majority of men

Cons of the FleshLight Launch

  • Size of the device is massive and noticeable (but discreet) which makes it difficult to travel with
  • Total recharging time takes around 4- 6 hours


If you remove the price factor and the size, it is worth giving a shot especially if you want to discover the future of sex.

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2. Kiiroo Onyx 2

kiiroo onyx 2

This device needs to be held to use it. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, the Onyx 2 has undergone significant changes from its previous model.

Just like the Fleshlight Launch, it has a Bluetooth device and allows for VR experience through interactive adult content.

The big difference? It does not require the purchase of an extra Fleshlight masturbator like the Launch. Its inner sleeve is made from high-density polymer and silicone (medical grade).

Capable of reaching speeds up to 140 strokes per minute, the Onyx 2 can produce some fainting orgasms even for the wildest of perverts out there.

How does it work?

Inside the device, there are ten contracting rings. The up and down motion of these rings is synced up with the acts from adult content (just like with FleshLight Launch) if you’re using it in interactive mode.

The inner sleeve is patented by the FleshLight SuperSkin™, which guarantees a fantastic experience, even if the textures are not as sharp as in a real Fleshlight.

You will get a real vagina-like feeling through the Kiiroo Onyx 2 sleeve.

How good is it?

With its VR experience through online porn, you will never face any problem reaching the best orgasms. Plus, you can also pair it with your lover if he or she has an Onyx 2 or Pearl 2 for some real-time fun!

The orgasms are so good that we wonder how it is possible to get them with your real partner on a regular basis.

If your partner has a lower sexual drive one day, then the Onyx 2 is always here for you and your fantasies.

Pros of the Onyx 2

  • The motor is powerful but yet with extremely low noise during the operation
  • Pricing seems affordable for the features it provides
  • Appealing, sexy outlook

Cons of the Onyx 2

  • Total charging time is 3-4 hours which is pretty long
  • On a complete recharge, the device can run maximum for one hour which is not much
  • The app might require frequent updates


The device is capable of fulfilling all the male fantasies. It’s the ultimate option if you don’t currently own a Fleshlight.

However, the total charging and running times could have been respectively shorter and longer. Worth a shot though.

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3. Lovense Max

lovense max app

Max by Lovense is another male masturbating device which works as a teledildonic (smart toy). The dimensions of this product is nearly 9 * 2.54 inches.

Lovense is constantly adding features in its online library which can be synced up with Max like music-powered features, simultaneous sensations, patterns, and more.

How does the Max work?

Max can be recharged with the help of a USB cable. Couples over long distance relationships can use it through the Lovense app to enable sync or remote-control.

Your long distance partner can swipe on the app which will vary the suction strength of the device planted on your rocking pole.

It literally makes you feel as if your partner is lying beside and performing a BJ on you.

How good is it?

Not the best sleeve ever made, but still a good option for men and LDR couples.

Knowing that you are achieving orgasms because of your partner actions (swiping on the app) releases another level of intense orgasms which will leave you gasping for breath.

Pros of the Lovense Max

  • Splashproof
  • It can easily be synced up with Max and Nora (masturbating device for women by Lovense)
  • Can be used over short and long distances through the app

Cons of the Lovense Max

  • It is not discreet in plain sight; by looking at it anyone can come to know about its purpose
  • It is not completely waterproof
  • Only one type of sleeve is available (which fits smaller to average size penises). However, if you are too well endowed then congratulations but you won’t be able to use Lovense Max.


For its price range, this device is top notch.

Its ability to be synced up with the Lovense Nora makes it a preferred choice for couples in long distance lovers.

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4. Sayberx


Made from British design and German Engineering, this male masturbation toy is one of a kind.

The idea behind creating Sayberx is to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime and treat yourself.

Even if you are single, you can use this handheld device for complete stimulation of your penis like stroking and twirling.

How does it work?

SayBerx comes with a ring. The ring needs to be worn by your long distance partner which then can be connected to the Sayberx device (planted on your organ) through a smart app.

The movement of the ring (controlled by your partner) will then make the sleeve simulate the contraction and retraction of a real vagina.

The gyrating motor located outside the skin-like sleeve provides amazing stimulation to your entire shaft.

How good is it?

When your partner moves the ring, it will give you a feeling that you are actually inside your partner. That’s how real this device can make you feel.

The sleeve has a maximum and minimum length of 7 and 2 inches respectively, which should accommodate the penis of 99% of men.

Pros of SayBerX

  • Twirl like stroking of the sleeve will make any penis hard like a rock
  • The ring is very easy to use since your partner can move his/her finger without the need of holding any device (smartphone) like in other wireless sex toys
  • The sleeve is made from non-toxic and phthalate-free materials which will keep your organ free from any rashes

Cons of SayBerX

  • The ring doesn’t come with the SayBerx Device. It needs to be bought separately.
  • If you are extremely endowed, you will have trouble accommodating your friend inside the sleeve


The German engineering on this device can be trusted for safer use and its sleeves feel nothing short than a real vagina.

If the ring could have come without buying it separately then this device is probably the best for long distance couples.

5. AutoBlow 2.0

autoblow review

Powered by a simple electric plug, Autoblow 2.0 is a pole gobbling oral toy that offers supreme fellatio experience.

The sleeve feels authentic with a pout (mouth) fitted at the entrance.

The maker of Autoblow 2.0 is fond of BJss and now has launched a scientifically advanced robot toy that is aimed for just one thing: to drain the last drop of semen from your nuts.

How does it work?

The sleeve replicates the sensations of a real pouting and wet mouth. Two sets of spring beads snuggle the sleeve from outside.

You just need to lube your organ, power the device and slide in. The motor’s lifecycle is 1000 hours.

There are 3 options (slow, medium and fast) to increase the up and down motion speed of the spring-fed beads.

You can also lie on your back, put the device on and enjoy the ultimate feeling of a real pout stroking up and down on your shaft.

The best part about Autoblow is that no thrusting body motion is needed except that you may need to hold it with your hand.

Or you can simply just fit the device with some creative arrangement and let it stroke you while you focus on achieving a volcanic orgasm.

How good is it?

Honestly, Autoblow 2.0 is much better product than its predecessor.

The sleeve provides real-life sensations and is available in three different sizes of small, regular and large size penises.

Pros of the AutoBlow 2.0

  • No need for batteries or charges
  • No major hand control is required except for holding the device
  • Varied speed available for different moods
  • Very much portable

Cons of the Autoblow 2.0

  • Instead of three buttons, a knob would have been better to allow for micro adjustments in speed of spring-fed beads
  • The manufacturer claims total usage hours of 1000 hours only, which is pretty low as compared to other blowjob toys in the market
  • The sleeve will get wear and tear after decent usage so you have to buy a new one


For its price range and features, I would say that Autoblow 2.0 is totally worth buying.

The motor is rugged and powerful in this price range and the device offers complete value for your money.

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