Aneros Progasm Review: Should You Get This Large Prostate Massager?

A healthy sex life requires more than just touching the prominent points in the body.

It requires exploring and understanding our body and finding out what works the best for you.

For men, stroking the dick is not the last thing on earth that gives pleasure, more stimulation points give a very intense orgasm.

And by this, I mean the ‘male G-spot’ that is located in the prostate area and can be reached by through the anal channel of the body.

Many men refuse to receive stimulation on their prostate through that conduit since they do not know the amount of pleasure they are losing out of fear or ignorance.

Stimulating the prostate and stimulating the penis at the same time can lead to an orgasm in a fast, intense and pleasant way, making the man discover an orgasm in all its totality.

Men all over the world are discovering that mastering the art of prostate massage leads to better and longer orgasm, many who have tried it reported how excellent the activity is, it develops muscles you never knew you had, it also can make you have more intense orgasm, after some practice, most men who use it had multiple orgasms which is one thing that men never knew they can have, all along women have been having their fun, now the boys want to have some fun.

The Progasm toy from Aneros is made of safe medical grade plastic that is designed to resemble glass but it is not fragile as matter of fact users say that it is unbreakable, so many similar toys when dropped from a height usually crack or chip, but this one has all the beauty of glass but does not break.

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What is the Aneros Progasm?

The Aneros Progasm is a sex toy or more precisely a prostate massager created primarily to stimulate the “G” point.

The Aneros Progasm has characteristics that are different from the rest of the toys of this type available in the market. A rounded perineal flange in the shape of a ball is one such feature that gets the most attention.

This tab offers stimulation in the perimeter, which is the sensitive area between the base of the penis and the anal rectum.

The second tab that Aneros Progasm has is the Kundalinique tab that exerts pressure on a point located under the sacrum or coccyx.

The pressure of this tab provides extra sensations above and below the spine, also known as the root chakra, which is the Indian term for the force of life.

The thicker and contoured head of Aneros Progasm provides direct contact to the prostate producing incredibly pleasurable sensations.

You must take into account that you must apply lubricant (preferably water-based) to have a better experience.

The design of this sex toy is entirely ergonomic to massage and stimulate the prostate, finally resulting in vibrations which feel anything but earthly.

Have you ever walked through a Scandinavian furniture store?

This product looks like what you will find there, it has a sleek curve which is so appealing to the eyes, the ridges and bulbs are poised to render triple stimulation to the P-spot and even beyond.

The K-tab puts pressure on a known acupressure point that is located just below the sacrum or tailbone, the pressure from this new tab provides extra sensation to and fro the spine in addition to the Aneros experience.

The contoured Progasm thick head and angled stem provide significant direct contact on the prostate, slicking a hearty helping of water-based anal lubricant will give you a fantastic experience.

progasm by aneros

Key Features:

  • Ergonomically designed Aneros prostate massager for out-of-this-world P-spot stimulation
  • Rounded, bulbous, angled tip for easy insertion and precise stimulation
  • Anchor base stops unwanted travel and offers scintillating external stimulation
  • P-tab massages the perineum to enhance overall pleasure
  • K-tab stimulates the Kundalini spot for all-encompassing arousal

About the material

Aneros Progasm is made from medical grade material with a glass appearance that is unbreakable to avoid any type of accident that could harm the health of users.

It is for this reason that it distinguishes itself from the rest of the prostate stimulators that always fall and usually leave the sex toy as unusable.

This means that with the Aneros Progasm you do not have that kind of problem ever. This toy in addition to being very attractive is simple, and also very light.

Having said that, this sex toy is the largest that exists so far in this niche, and that is why it is recommended to the experienced users only.

If you are going to be stimulated in the prostate area for the first time, I would recommend starting with a smaller one or begin first with your finger or smaller object.

But if you are a risky man and you want to experiment with a bigger one right from day 1, this would be the ideal for you.



  • Tip width: 1.5 inches
  • Average width of the border: 1.3 inches
  • Insertable maximum length: 4.5 inches

Inside the package of Aneros Progasm, you will find the sex toy and the instruction manual, and you do not need anything else to use it.

Since the size of this toy is a little thick for initial use, it is recommended to start stimulating your butthole with your finger to make it much easier to slide this sex toy inside.

The feeling of using this toy is totally incredible and provides full stimulation.

How does it work?

Go through the instruction manual to understand what goes where and to know about the positions that will work out the best for prostate massage.

A wrongly inserted sex toy will do more damage than good. Plus, it can be unhealthy.

Add a lot of lubricant (water-based recommended), the more slippery, the more pleasant the moment will be. Remember to apply lubricant on both the toy and the anal area.

You can be in the position you want, you do not need to use your hands. Once you introduce the sex toy to your anal, relax and let it do its job; let it hump.

You can do some small exercises of contraction and relaxation of the anus while using Aneros Progasm which means that in addition to feeling pleasure you will strengthen the muscles involved having a greater control in the flow of urine.

In the beginning, using this toy can be somewhat uncomfortable.

Letting enter the first part (first bulge) of the Aneros Progasm can be painful if you are not a regular user, but as you keep sliding the toy and manage to move to the second part (second bulge), you will begin to feel the pleasure that this sex toy promises.

aneros progasm

As stated earlier, this toy is so good at stimulating the male G-spot that you will feel sensations that you have never felt before.

You can also masturbate to accelerate the orgasm, but most men don’t need that. Many men who have acquired Aneros Progasm have agreed that their sex life has improved since they started using this toy.

The simple sight of the prostate massager may seem so basic, but it really is not, the intensity of the sensations that it causes in your anal will be amazing.

You will realize that sexual happiness has more than one way to enter your body, you just need to explore those ways. But again, that is only if you can bear the pain.

  1. Wash massager before and after use
  2. Apply lubricant to the massager and lay on your side
  3. Keeping the lower leg straight, bring your top knee to your stomach
  4. Insert the massager slowly, positioning the perineum tab against the area between the anus and scrotum
  5. Relax mentally and physically allowing your body to become accustomed to the massager,
  6. Contract and release the sphincter muscle as slowly as possible, your massager will automatically massage the male G-spot, as the sensation builds you may want to increase the frequency and intensity of the contractions.

Pros of the Progasm:

  • Great design
  • No fuss
  • Ease of use

Cons of the Progasm:

  • Maybe a bit big for beginners
  • A bit pricey (but no maintenance).


Given the size, I can’t really recommend this toy for a beginner, great overall product which does what it claims to.

One important decision maker while buying a prostate massager is the time and effort that goes into cleaning it.

As far as Aneros Progasm is concerned, it takes significantly less time as compared to its large size. Like any other sex toy that enters the body, this one too should be washed with running hot water.

While I am a strong supporter of this beast, I would still recommend that only the experienced guys should get it.

If you have never had anything enter your anal cavity ever, it would be a wise decision to avoid buying it.

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