Aneros Helix Syn Review: The Best Silicone Prostate Massager?

The Aneros Helix Syn is an excellent hands-free device that will give you a fantastic prostate sex play. It will turn your masturbation, fancy and exciting.

This toy will help you achieve the thrilling experience that everyone craves for. Never at one time before, I thought it was this fast to accomplish the prostate orgasm.

However, the experience may vary with individuals and their anal experience.

You get an easy how-to guide which makes things more comfortable at first. This will allow you to discover how it works.

Product Features

It is a small device though not the smallest I have ever used. It is, however, fine for an anal toy.

It is excellent for guys who are beginners, those who never have or are not fond of inserting things down there. It is also perfect for guys who love small toys.

helix syn aneros


  • 1 inch in diameter
  • 5 inches in length
  • 4 inches in insertable length

It is adequately manufactured with high quality to serve you for many years. The endings are made of silicon hence it’s hypoallergenic.

This makes it safe for your body. It also comes with a velvet coating touch on the silicon to give you a perfect experience.

It does not irritate the rectum while inside the body. It is a perfect, high-quality device. The ABS plastic plug under the silicon coating helps to keep the device intact and firm while inside the butt.

How Does It Work?

The tip and the shaft

Insert the tip and the shaft until it is 1/3 into the anal canal. Your sphincter muscles will take up the rest of the device in. You do not need your hands to operate it.

You just need to get relaxed, focused on the coming thrill of pleasure. The plug is supposed to stay in place.

The shaft rubs your butt walls to give you an abundant orgasm. It navigates every area of your anal route.

The tip of the device touches the prostate for the purpose to which it is intended for.

The tabs

There are two tabs, black, and the red tabs.

  • Red tab: The handle that you pull out after your impressive toy play.
  • Black tab: Called the [P tab]. This gets into contact with the perineum and applies pressure to the perineal area. It gives some sensational pleasure too, though not so intense.

aneros helix syn

How to Use It?

Do not be in a hurry. Stay focused and relaxed. Get some lubricants that are water-based.

Avoid oil and silicone lubricants because they may react to the silicone coating of this device. That would be a shame to damage it, right?

Position yourself on the bed or the couch, lying down. Fold your knees towards your chest.

Cover the butt hole and the toy with the water-based lube.

Gently insert the tip and shaft of the device until it is the third inside of your sphincter and the muscles will take the rest of the toy up. Do not use your hands to hold it, as it is hands-free.

Flex and relax your pelvic muscles. Keep increasing the intensity until you can feel the pleasure and finally the fantastic orgasm you have been yearning for.

The fun can range from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on you. With practice, it becomes better and better.

Remember to pull the handle out to remove the toy after your thrilling experience.

How Good Is It?

Its small size makes it easy to insert. It gets awesome while entering it for the first time. It easily sticks at the anal canal with ease.

Have you ever inserted toys or anything else in your butt? Well, this is the best toy to try. It is small thus less irritating. It is easy to remove once you are done with your play. You just need to pull the handle.

It does not pop out while in the action unless it is pulled out. It is hands off thus expect a fantastic performance.

It is affordable to purchase for It’s manufactured with a remarkable and excellent quality that will give you the very best service.

It does not irritate the prostate. It will just give you the thrusting pleasure from earth to the moon after the anal

It offers you two awesome sensations. The buzzing tip striking the prostate spot( p-spot) while the light shaft massages the anal muscles on the canal making the whole ordeal perfect. Both sensations happen simultaneously hence giving you an unimaginable orgasmic experience.

helix syn

Pros of Helix Syn Aneros

  • Its small nature makes it easy to use.
  • It is not irritating while inside the body.
  • It is firm and maintains the firmness even while inside the body. This is because it’s made of a plastic shaft then coated with silicon.
  • It has an excellent and comfortable velvet touch over the silicon coating. This also helps you achieve an intense pleasure.

Cons of Helix Syn Aneros

  • Its nature of manufacture makes it difficult for it to be worn in public. This is mainly due to the size of the handles.


Is it your first experience with the anal toys?

Have you ever inserted toys or anything else in your butt? Do you love small anal sex toys compared to big machines? Are you looking for the most thrilling orgasm you have ever admired? Are you searching for a device that is tested and positively reviewed?

Look no further. Helix Syn Aneros is the most awesome toy device that I have used, and that has left me in thunder. It will leave you yearning for more sessions too.

Its size gives you the comfort you would wish for a toy inside your body. Its hand free too and gives you the full experience you can imagine.

The fine comfort and velvet touch is an adventure you would not want to miss. Do not hesitate to get yourself the Helix Syn Aneros!

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